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Political World
source: Hammersmith, London 1990

Political World (2/6)
Where Teardrops Fall (2/8)
Everything Is Broken (2/7)
Man In The Long Black Coat (2/6)
Most of The Time (2/7)
What Good Am I (2/4)
Disease Of Conceit (2/8)
What Was It You Wanted (2/3)
All Around this World (Trad.)  (2/8)
Tight Connection To My Heart (2/3)
Forever Young (2/7)

This CD was copied directly from a vinyl LP boot that saw very little distribution outside of Europe. By listening, you'd never guess a vinyl source, as it is very quiet and pop free. The LP, entitled 'Deadpan Twist', has a very grainy looking cover photo. That same cover was copied and used as the cover for this CD. It doesn't look any better. The graphics are weak, and it's printed on the cheapest paper imaginable. The LP listed the date of each show. The CD does not. What's more, the LP was 45 minuets. Not bad for an album, but rather short for a CD. The only redeeming package quality is a nice photo inside, and a custom silk screened CD. As for the music, the idea here was to capture all of the new 'Oh Mercy' songs that were presented during the Hammersmith residency. They are well performed. 'Oh Mercy fans' will find a treat in this one. The final 3 songs that round out the CD are true jewels. The audience tapes were stereo recorded from near the main speakers, and are only slightly muffled. The editing is a little weak, but the same good sound quality remains throughout the 5 shows. 
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Source / Venue:
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK Feb. 3-8, 1990

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Westwood     /     61 


7 stars

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