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Precious Memories
source: Radio broadcast LP

Positively 4th Street
All Along The Watchtower*
Masters Of War
I'll Remember You
I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Null)
Johnny B. Goode [Petty]
Breakdown [Petty]
Just Like A Woman
Blowin' In The Wind
That Lucky Old Sun (Gillespie/ Smith)
Rock 'n' Roll Star [Petty]
Spike [Petty]
Like A Rolling Stone
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

The sound quality on this disc is perfect, but there is no reason that it should be anything less. It was a direct feed multi-track recording that was studio remixed to produce the official disc for Westwood One. These were then issued to all participating radio stations, and broadcast as part of the Superstar Concert Series. This CD was recorded directly from a radio station LP. There is very slight vinyl noise at times, but it in no way detracts from the listening experience. The cover leaves something to be desired. There is no Dylan link. One of the Cool Cats got a little lazy on this one, and simply copied the front and back cover of a 1986 vinyl bootleg of the same name. That vinyl recording is a different 1986 Dylan - Petty concert. Even though this material was pirated from the Westwood One LP,  I don't consider this CD a pirate copy because the album was never commercially offered to the public. Westwood One, however,  has always been militant about protecting their material, and takes a different view. The following year, the same package was released by Living Legend.
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Source / Venue:
Westwood One Superstar Concert Series
Sydney, Australia; February 24-25, 1986
*Tacoma, Washington; July 31, 1986 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Three Cool Cats /  TCC 003 

10 stars

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Precious Memories
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