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Rotterdam 1987
source: Netherlands, September 19

The Times
Highway 61 Revisited
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Shot Of Love
Queen Jane Approximately
Dead Man, Dead Man
I Shall Be Released
Clean-Cut Kid
I Want You
John Brown
Watching The River Flow
Slow Train
Chimes Of Freedom
Gotta Serve Somebody

The first four songs are rushed through with phrasings and slured words as if dylan was not wanting to be a part of them. The Times is a waste of effort that confuses even the usually unshakable Heartbreakers. By
Queen Jane, Bob puts some effort into anunciation, and it sounds great. From there on, the songs are fine. The show highlights are a majestic I Shall Be Released with an added verse; a powerful, bluesy Slow Train; and an erie John Brown. In the latter, a three note piano triplet plays over and over again giving it the 'Exorcist' feel of Tubular Bells. Quality Masters has released an entire series of discs from the 1987 European tour with Tom Petty. The packages are simplistic, yet very aesthetically pleasing.
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Sportpaleis Ahoy
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 19, 1987 
Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Quality Masters / QM - 006
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On A Night Like This

8 stars

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Thanks to our friend Chris Verkroost
Notes from Olof Björner:
The tour in Europe in the fall with Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker was very, very different from their previous tour in the US, True Confessions. Dylan again was the elderly bard. Stage lights were so turned down you  could hardly see him. His singing was at times extremely erratic, both in terms of phrasing and lyrics. The sets were apparently completely random. The Dylan part of the show was also very short. All this: short set, dark stage and Dylan not saying a word, compared of course very unfavorably to the previous shows in Europe in the summer of '84 and a lot of people went home utterly disappointed.  It must be said though that The Heartbreakers provided excellent backing  throughout the tour and that some of the shows were really very good.
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