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Seek Your Maker
source:  Digital stereo audience
Disc one
 Stuck Inside Of Mobile [Bp / Dp /Sa]
It Ain't Me, Babe [Bh / Dp /Sa]
Til I Fell In Love With You [Bh /Dl]
Positively 4th Street [Bp / Dp / Sa /Tu]
Rollin' And Tumblin' [Bp /Dm /De /Sa]
Moonlight [Bh /Dm /Tu]
High Water (For Charlie Patton) [Bp /Db /Tu]
Honest With Me [Bp /Dl]
Sugar Baby [Bp / Dp / Sa /Tu]
It's Alright, Ma  [Bp /Db /Tu]
Disc two
Spirit On The Water [Bh / Dp]
Highway 61 Revisited [Bp /Dl]
Nettie Moore [Bp /Dv /Sa]
Summer Days [Bp / Dp /Tu]
All Along The Watchtower [Bp /Dl /Sa]
Thunder On The Mountain [Bp /Dl /Sa]
Blowin' In The Wind [Bp /DV /Sa]

Review: by Tiny Montgomery
The images on this new crop of TMR releases are not the sharpest. The front cover for this title is blurred quite a bit. However, along with the title font, the cover image seems to be in motion. That adds its own amount of charm. The recording is brilliant!  This one is perhaps the best of the four new releases. I've been doing a lot more CD-R field recording listening and I have to say, these new releases are probably the best sounding shows TMR has ever put forth. They definitely seem to be the best quality now in circulation. I've been listening to two or three different recordings from each concert, and the recordings put to press here are not only the best, but appear to have gone through some touching up and remastering. I am very impressed with both the expediency of release and the quality of the material. One problem with our review copy is digital noise at the end of disc one. Other than that, this is the show to own! High Water gets high marks.
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Boblinks concert review
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Salzburg Arena  Salzburg, Austria  June 11, 2008

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Tambourine Man / TMR 150/151

July 2008

9½ stars

Bob's Boots ref  # 

Thanks to Tiny Montgomery for scans

Band Members
Bob Dylan - electric guitar, keyboard, harp
Tony Garnier - bass, band leader
Denny Freeman - lead guitar
Stu Kimball - lead / rhythm guitar
Donnie Herron - banjo, mandolin, violin, pedal & lap steel
George Recile - drums
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[Bh] -Bob on harp and electric piano
[Bp] -Bob on electric piano
[Sa] -Stu on acoustic guitar
[Db] -Donnie on banjo
[Dv] -Donnie on viola
[DV] -Donnie on violin
[Dm] -Donnie on electric mandolin
[Dp] - Donnie on pedal steel
[Dl]- Donnie on lap steel
[Tu]-Tony on acoustic upright bass

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