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Surviving In A Ruthless World source: Power Station 1983

Disc one
Sweetheart Like You
Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart
Lord Protect My Child
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
Foot Of Pride
Tell Me
I And I
Union Sundown (Take 1)
Julius And Ethel
License To Kill
Man Of Peace
Neighborhood Bully
Blind Willie McTell (electric)
Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
Disc two
Blind Willie McTell
This Was My Love (Take 1) (Jim Harbert)
This Was My Love (Take 2) (Jim Harbert)
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground 
Dark Groove (Instrumental)
Don't Fly Unless It's Safe (Instrumental)
Clean Cut Kid
Death Is Not The End
Sweetheart Like You
Union Sundown (Take 2)
Sweetheart Like You (Several rehearsals)
Foot Of Pride
Thief On A Cross

This is a 2008 release of the Infidels outtakes. The material has seen wide bootleg release, but not for the last several years. It seems to be a copy of Rough Cuts with a few minor changes. This is as nice a package as there has ever been for these outtakes. To start with, perhaps one of the best thought out title names in the history of bootlegs. It was used six years earlier for a title that was live from Tampa, but it didn't have much meaning for that release. It was actually the working title for the recording session that produced Infidels. So here we have the outtake material with the outtake title. Genius! There was an extensive Rolling Stone interview in 1984 where Bob confirmed this. Read that excerpt on the right. Then we have the incredible front cover photo that seems to scream the title in picture form. The fonts are clean and sharp, and the back cover photo and layout are masterful. The other muted color and sepia tone photos included in the package help to make this elegant release a must have! One point that is quite unusual is that the tray liner is a separate printed sheet from the back, and fits snugly between the two spines of the CD case. This version of Thief On The Cross is a nice recording with Bob's vocals quite clear. It has either been cleaned up, or it's a lower generation dub of the original circulating version. Either way it's a nice bonus to have included. The discs are packed full with 76 minutes on disc one and 77 on disc two, so you really get your money's worth. The rumor circulating about this mysterious European manufacturer is that there will be no other Dylan titles. With the taste and talent that they've displayed here, that would surely be a loss for the Dylan community. Other Labels should stand up and take note. This is a class act.
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Power Station Studio, NY  April 11 - May 8, 1983

Manufacturer / Catalog No.

Hinkelstein  /  0801


8-9 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #


Thanks to Terry Farrington for scans and info

One last question. I think a lot of people take you for a pretty gloomy character these days, just judging by your photos. Why reinforce that image by calling this latest album Infidels?
BD Well, there were other titles for it. I wanted to call it Surviving in a Ruthless World. But someone pointed out to me that the last bunch of albums I'd made all started with the letter s. So I said, "Well, I don't wanna get bogged down in the letter s." And then Infidels came into my head one day. I don't know what it means, or anything.
From Rolling Stone Issue 424 — June 21, 1984
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