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source: 1965 studio et al

Medicine Sunday (Midnight Train) (cut) (1)
CBS Studios, NYC:
Please Crawl Out Your Window (fragment)
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Number One (Inst.)
Visions of Johanna
She's Your Lover Now
Jet Pilot
If You Gotta Go, Go Now (2)
ABC Theater, Edinburgh:
One Too Many Mornings
Like A Rolling Stone
Town Hall:
Girl Of The North Country
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Chimes Of Freedom
Only A Pawn In Their Game
At the beginning of the boot CD revolution in the late 1980's, Several quasi-legit Italian boot manufacturers started releasing 1960s material in an effort to exploit the 20 year copyright law. The releases were much more slanted toward quick profits than toward quality control. No matter, collectors were quick to scarf up their first glimpses of Dylan on this new medium.... paying as high as $30 - $40 for a single disc! Black Panther was one of those early exploiters. They released several single disc Dylan titles. Their mode of operation was  to record an existing release, and repackage it. The artwork was barely acceptable. Still... this was in the infancy of the boot CD, and collectors were eager. Black Panther put on airs of legitimacy, so the prices were a little more reasonable ($18-$25). One thing unique to this Label, the discs were released in a factory sealed package. The original package cellophanes were folded and glued (the same way legit releases are today). They had red quick zip opening pulls around the top, and today's collectors are always on the look out for those titles still in their factory seals.
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(1) CBS Music Row Studio, Nashville, TN 1/21/66
CBS Studios, NYC Oct. 1965 w/ The Band
(2) CBS Studio A, NYC Jan. 15 1965
ABC Theater, Edinburgh, Scotland  May 20, 1966
(ABC songs from WNEW FM, NYC radio broadcast- date unknown)
Town Hall, Philadelphia, PA 1964

Record from the CD:
Live With The Band
Note: The bulk of the material here is from the Hawks Sessions. The title of this piece is "Sessions". Yet, the package claims the songs to be live on tour with Kooper & Bloomfield. The reason being, a slight misinterpretation of the information on the above benefactor CD.

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Black Panther Records / BPCD 022
Thanks to Wolfgang & David Hamm for scans

7-8 stars (Studio)
5-6 stars   Edinburgh
2 stars   Philadelphia

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