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Saint Valentine's Day
source: Inglewood Forum 1974

Disc one
Lay Lady Lay
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
It Ain't Me Babe
Ballad Of A Thin Man*
Stage Fright
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
King Harvest
When You Awake
I Shall Be Released*
Up On Cripple Creek
All Along The Watchtower*
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
She Belongs To Me
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
The Times
Disc two
Just Like A Woman
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Rag Mama Rag
This Wheel's On Fire
The Weight
Forever Young
Highway 61 Revisited
Like A Rolling Stone
Blowin' In The Wind**
Evening show:
Endless Highway
The Shape I'm In
Highway 61 Revisited
Like A Rolling Stone
Maggie's Farm

Songs shown in lighter type performed by The Band
*Official release version 'Before The Flood'
**Song was edited on   'Before The Flood'
Package Review:
In 2001, an unknown Japanese manufacturer re-released several classic boot CDs using the old TMQ logos. For this reason, they are referred to as "TMOQ Japan". This 2 CD set is packaged in two seperate cardboard slip cases, each with a different black and white photo front sticker. A silver foil TMQ-2 logo sticker is on the back of each, and both discs are TMQ-2 logo printed CDs. This set  is a copy of the 1998 release Paint The Daytime Black
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Front 1
Front 2

LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA,  February 14, 1974 
Manufacturer / Catalog No.
TMOQ Japan / No catalog number
Released:    2001
Quality:    8½ stars
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Paint the Daytime Black
Special Night-Special Guests

Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-s88

Show Review:
A little extra magic was woven into the three Inglewood shows. The music was a little tighter, the vocal performances soar, and the soundboard mix was meticulous. The reasons being: 1) after 37 performances, the art of the show had been honed to perfection. 2) Even though it was only mid February, this was the final three concerts of the tour (and of the year) 3) Probably the biggest reason that all were in top form was that the final three shows were being recorded for a possible live LP release. 
This package contains a nearly complete performance, missing only the opening 'Most Likely You Go Your Way' and The Band's 'The Shape I'm In'. No loss for the latter, as it appears on the official release 'Before The Flood'. However, this show's version of 'Most Likely You Go Your Way' is not the official release version. It's unknown as to why it would be left out of this 2 CD set. A good choice for the evening show filler material is The Band's only performance of 'Endless Highway' and one of only four tour performances of 'Maggie's Farm'. However, the boat was missed on releasing the most commonly performed 'Like A Rolling Stone' and leaving off the only tour performance of 'Mr Tambourine Man'.
This fantastic set becomes slightly redundant for the casual collector, as it is close to the official release. The completeist and/or fan of the '74 tour, however, will find a true gem in this incredible sounboard recording.
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