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Testament: Rare and Unreleased  1961-1992
source:  Various Live

Fixin' To Die (1)
Hiram Hubbard (trad.) (2)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (2)
Blue Yodel No. 8 (2) [a]
Girl Of The North Country (3)
Watered Down Love  (3)  [b]
Wild MountainThyme (trad.) (4)
We Had It All (5) [c]
Lonesome Town (5) [d]
Across The Borderline (5) [e]
I Forgot More (5) [f]
Good Rockin' Mama (6)
Subterranean Homesick Blues (7)
Rank Strangers  (7) [g]
Barbara Allen (trad.) (8)
Wagoner's Lad (trad.) (8)
Desolation Row (9)
This German Label has always been one of the more exploitive of the boot Labels. This piece is no exception. There is no need for a compilation such as this. There is no common thread to tie the songs. The quality is very good on most tracks, as most are soundboards. However, even at that, there is a high white noise floor level. The liner notes are in German. The packaging is shoddy. There are several minor mistakes on the track and venue listings. There are no Dylan images, and the generic image that is used throughout is fuzzy. The jewel case is molded in a strange yellow color that distorts the photo color of the front insert for no reason. Also, the title is not on the front insert, but molded into the front of the jewel box. If the jewel case becomes broken, lost, or scratched, it cannot be replaced without losing the front title. Let this one pass unless you're a completeist.
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Information: from insert:
source:   All tracks live: 
(1) Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York City, 11/04/61 
(2) Finjan Club, Montreal, Canada, 7/02/62 
(3) Saenger Arts Center, New Orleans, LA 11/10/80 
(4) Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON 12/02/75 
(5) Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA, 7/31/1986 
(6) Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, 8/05/86 
(7) Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT, 8/04/88 
(8) Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY, 1998 
(9) Santa Barbara, CA, 5/11/92
 [alisted on the package as Muleskinner Blues
rather than the more correct two word Mule Skinner.
 [blisted incorrectly on the package as Wasted...
 [cby Donnie Fritts and Troy Seals
 [dby Baker Knight as recorded by Ricky Nelson
 [eby Ry Cooder
 [fComplete title is I Forgot More Than You'll
       Ever Know (about her)
by Cecil Allen Null
[g]  by: Albert E. Brumley (package mispells it)
 (1) written by Bukka White
 (4) Trad. song arranged by Dylan.  Joan Baez duet.
 (6) Written by and performed with John Lee Hooker

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Living Legends Records / LLRCD 234 

Released:    1994

Quality:    7-8 stars (See Review)

Bob's Boots ref  #    BB-t16

Thanks to Terry Farrington for scans

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The Blue Yodel songs are a series of thirteen songs written and recorded by Jimmie Rodgers during the period from 1927 to his death in May 1933.
Blue Yodel No.  1 "Originally simply titled Blue Yodel”  It's been recorded by artists with it's other title T for Texas, and most often goes by that today.
Blue Yodel No.  2 (aka My Lovin’ Gal, Lucille)
Blue Yodel No.  3 (aka Evening Sun Yodel)
Blue Yodel No.  4 (aka California Blues)
Blue Yodel No.  5 (aka It’s Raining Here)
Blue Yodel No.  6 (aka She Left Me This Mornin’)
Blue Yodel No.  7  This is more often referred to as  Anniversary Blue Yodel than as number 7
Blue Yodel No.  8  More often as not referred to by its other title Mule Skinner Blues
Blue Yodel No.  9 (aka Standin’ On the Corner) Recorded with a young trumpet player named Louis Armstrong
Blue Yodel No.10 (aka Ground Hog Rootin’ in My Backyard)
Blue Yodel No.12 (aka Barefoot Blues)
Blue Yodel No.13 Rarely referred to by number because of the unlucky connotation. Simply known as Jimmie Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel or The Women Make a Fool Out of Me. It was recorded in New York City in May 1933 during his final recording sessions. Hours later the 35 year old Rogers finally succumbed to the tuberculosis that had been slowly consuming his life. Last Blue Yodel was released on December 20, 1933... seven months after his death.

Information from: The Bob Dylan Bootleg Museum