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Tour Diary 1997
On The Road To The Highlands
source:  Various August 1997 dates

Absolutely Sweet Marie (1) 
I Want You (1)
This Wheel's On Fire (1)
Pretty Peggy-O (2)
To Ramona (3)
One Of Us Must Know (3)
I Shall Be Released (4)
Tough Mama (4)
Blind Willie McTell (4)
Lay Lady Lay (5)
Friend Of The Devil (6)
Tears of Rage (7)
Leopard-Skin PillBox Hat (7)

Thanks to Joe McMullen for scans

This is a kind of continuation (albeit from a different manufacturer) of the CD Pure Heat. That CD presents songs from April of 1997. This release picks up in August, and covers songs that were not included in the earlier release. Though not quite as powerful, this is still a very good recording of some great performances. The sound quality varies slightly, and doesn't flow from track to track as nicely as its predecessor. The package is fairly nice. The lack of Dylan on the front cover is made up for with a picture CD. This is a great title to represent the month of August. It's a bit presumptuous, and falls short of the mark, however, to claim to represent the year 1997.
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(1) Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH  August 3, 1997
(2) Oakdale, Wallingford, CT  August 18, 1997
(3) Star Pavilion, Hershey, PA  August 13, 1997
(4) Pine Knob, Clarkston, MI  August 10, 1997
(5) Du Maurier Stadium, Montreal, QU  Aug. 5, 1997
(6) GTE Amphitheater, VA. Beach  Aug. 22, 1997
(7) Mann Music Center, Philly, PA Aug. 29, 1997

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
ZEN     /       CD 978  


8½ stars

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