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True Love Needs No Company
source: Münster, Germany Oct. 1, 2000

Disc one
Duncan And Brady (a/wb)
John Brown (a/wb) [Lb Tu]
Visions Of Johanna (a/wd)
One Too Many Mornings (a/wb) [Bh]
Tangled Up In Blue (a/wb)
Searching For A Soldier's Grave (1)
Country Pie 
Standing In The Doorway 
All Along The Watchtower 
Just Like A Woman 
Disc two
Drifter's Escape [Bh]
Band Introduction
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 
Love Sick 
Like A Rolling Stone 
If Dogs Run Free  (a/wb) [Le] 
Things Have Changed 
I Shall Be Released (a/wb)
Highway 61 Revisited 
Blowin' In The Wind (a/wb)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit* (a/wb)
An incredible set containing one of the best shows of the fall tour. The package claims it to be a soundboard even though there is a slight audience presence on the recording. While there were open mics at stage front that could acount for the slight audience noise, this is most likely taken from an open air mic directly off the mains, but removed from the audience. I have heard a few recordings done in this manner, and this one is consistant. It is such a rare occurence that there is no common term to classify a recording made in this manner. Everything that was right about the European tour can be found on this two disc, not-to-be-missed set. The package aesthetics are elegant, and there are several great concert photos. This could easily have been an official release. The qualiy and integrity are there from the song selection to the performance, from the high quality recording to the labor of love packageing
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Thanks to Joan Muntanyola for scans
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Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany Oct. 1, 2000
* Alsterdorfer    Hamburg, Germany Sept. 28, 2000
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What is a bouzouki that Larry plays?
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Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Euro Boots    /      EB- 67/2 
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9½ stars
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Front Artwork
Back Artwork

Note: by Mike McGarr
There is some debate as to whether this cd is in fact a soundboard recording, or simply a very good audience recording. Certainly, there is audience noise present that would suggest an audience source. Some tapers/collectors were incorrectly claiming that several cd-rs from the European tour of 2000 were soundboard recordings, due to their excellent sound quality (Portsmouth 2000 springs to mind). It is a good indication of the current state of recording technology that on many modern day releases, it is difficult to determine the difference between an AUD and a SBD.
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(a/wb) - acoustic with full band
[Bh] -Bob on harp
[Lb] -Larry on bouzouki
[Le] -Larry on electric guitar
[Tu]-Tony on acoustic upright bass
(1) acoustic performance with snare drum / Larry on mandolin [written by Johnnie Wright, Jim Anglin, Jack Anglin]
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