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Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum,
What's Going On In Washington???
source:  Seattle, October 6, 2001

Disc one
Wait For The Light To Shine (a)[Lm]{1}
To Ramona (a) [Lm]
It's Alright, Ma (a) [Cd]
Searching For A Soldier's Grave (a) [Lm] {2}
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You [Lps]
Stuck Inside Of Mobile [La]
Moonlight [Bh] [Ta]
Masters Of War (a)[Cd]
One Too Many Mornings (a)[Lps]
Hard Rain (a) [Lb]
Country Pie [Ta]
Disc two
Sugar Baby 
The Wicked Messenger [Bh]
To Be Alone With You [Lf]
Love Sick 
Like A Rolling Stone 
Forever Young (a)
Honest With Me 
Blowin' In The Wind (a)

A beautiful fold out digipack houses the two discs of this package. There's a great full color promo photo on the cover. Open the pack to an inside full color cartoon caricature. This inside section then unfolds to reveal the discs. Each custom printed tray and corresponding disc contain a map of the Pacific Northwest USA. (The show is from Washington state). Speaking of which, maybe it's just me, but the title of this set annoys me. Oh, well, that can be overlooked. A mistake that should have been easily avoided is listing Augie Meyers as performing. (The lineup was just lifted from the credits on the "Love And Theft" CD. There is a boomy sounding audience tape in circulation, but this is not it. The recording is crisp, and vocals are up front. Super package!
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What is a Bouzouki that Larry Plays?
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Boblinks Concert Review
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Thanks to Mary Lou for scans
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CD 1
CD 2
Key Arena, Seattle, Washington October 6, 2001

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Euro Boots  / EB-109-2 

Feb. 2002

9 stars

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{1} -  written by Fred Rose
{2} -  written by J. Wright & J.& J. Anglin
(a)   - acoustic
[Bh] - Bob on harp
[Cd] - Charlie on dobro
[La] -  Larry on acoustic guitar
[Lb] -  Larry on bouzouki
[Lf] -  Larry on fiddle
[Lm] - Larry on mandolin
[Lps] -Larry on pedal steel
[Ta] - Tony on acoustic bass
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