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Tell Ol' Bill Sessions
source:  Studio soundboard outtakes

Tell Ol' Bill (take 01)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 02)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 03)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 04)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 05)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 06)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 07)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 08)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 09)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 10)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 11)
Tell Ol' Bill (take 12)
Tell Ol' Bill (released version)
This 72 minute CD starts part way into an early take of the song and continues through twelve more takes. This is a fascinating release for those interested in the mind of Bob in the studio, as you get to hear how his ideas progress from song conception to the finished product. This is how many artists record in the studio. Dylan has long been known to avoid spending a lot of time in the studio, and has let many mistakes be printed to tape because of his 'one take' philosophy and disdain for the studio process. That makes it doubly nice that such a tape as this exists. This is an incredible quality recording, and is sourced from the same master as the Rattle Snake release. This version rates slightly less due to the packaging. It's not bad... in fact it's quite nice. However, it's still not up to the slick machine that is Rattle Snake. Still, there are great single color photos and images here, and the lyrics are included inside the insert. It could come down to personal preference as to which one to grab... but grab at least one of them.
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Studio soundboard outtakes

Manufacturer / Catalog No.

THINMAN   /    035


Sept. 2006

9 stars
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