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Where Are You Now My Blue Eyed Son?
source: Witmark Demos and others

Disc one
July 1962:
Blowin' In The Wind
November 1962:
Long Ago Far Away
December 1962:
Hard Rain
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
The Death Of Emmett Till
Let Me Die In My Footsteps
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Quit Your Lowdown Ways
Baby I'm In The Mood
late winter 1963:
Bound to Lose, Bound To Win
All Over You
I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day
Talkin John Birch Society Blues
March 1963:
Long Time Gone
Masters Of War
Farewell *
Oxford Town
Don't Think Twice
Walking Down The Line
April 1963:
I Shall Be Free
Bob Dylan's Blues
Bob Dylan's Dream
Boots Of Spanish Leather
Disc two
April 1963:
Walls Of Red Wing (CBS Studios)
May 1963:
Girl Of The North Country
Seven Curses
Hero Blues
August 1963:
Eternal Circle (CBS Studios)
Only A Hobo (CBS Studios)
Watcha Gonna Do
Gypsy Lou
Ain't Gonna Grieve
John Brown
Only A Hobo
Fall 1963:
When The Ship Comes In
The Times
Percy's Song (CBS Studios)
October 1963:
Lay Down Your Weary Tune (CBS Studios)
Who Killed Davy Moore? (CBS Studios)
December 1963:
Paths Of Victory
January 1964:
Guess I'm Doing Fine
Baby Let Me Follow You Down
June 1964:
Mr Tambourine Man
Mama You Been on My Mind
I'll Keep It With Mine
Disc three
Zimmerman Hibbing home 1958:
Hey Little Richard
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz (Gray/Byrd)
Jenny, Jenny (Johnson/Penniman/Crewe)
Blue Moon (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rogers)
Zimmerman Minneapolis home 1960:
Red Rosey Bush (trad.)
Johnny I Hardly Knew You (trad.)
Jesus Christ (Woody Guthrie)
Streets Of Glory (trad.)
K.C. Moan (1927 Memphis Jug Band)
Blues Yodel No.8 (Jimmie Rodgers)
I'm A Gambler (trad.)
Talking Columbia (Woody Guthrie)
Talking Merchant Marine (Woody Guthrie)
Talking Hugh Brown
Talking Lobbyist
Indian Neck Folk Festival
Hangknot, Slipknot (Woody Guthrie)
Talking Fish Blues (Woody Guthrie)
Carnegie Hall Hootenanny
Sally Gal
Highway 51
Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Hard Rain
Madhouse On Castle Street
Blowin' In The Wind
Ballad Of The Gliding Swan
Disc four
Leeds Music Demos
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Man On The Street (fragment)
Hard Times In New York Town
Poor Boy Blues
Ballad For A Friend
Rambling, Gambling Willie
Man On The Street
Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Standing On The Highway
Cynthia Gooding's Apartment
Ballad Of Donald White
Wichita (Going To Louisiana) (trad.)
Acne (Eric von Schmidt)
Rocks And Gravel
Long Time Man (trad., arr. by Alan Lomax)
Ranger’s Command (Woody Guthrie)
Mac McKenzie Tapes
Hard Times In New York Town
Death Of Emmett Till
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Ballad of Donald White
I Rode Out One Morning
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Front 1
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Back 1
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Disc one
The Witmark Demos July 1962 - April 1963
* Questionable date. Perhaps recorded later in the year
Disc two
The Witmark Demos May 1963 - June 1964
Except CBS Studios New York as noted
Disc three
The Zimmerman home / Hibbing, Minnesota 1958
(All songs are fragments and are of low quality)
Robert Zimmerman (Dylan) - vocal, guitar, & piano
John Bucklen - vocal
The Zimmerman home / Minneapolis, Minnesota  Fall 1960
Indian Neck Folk Festival - Montowesi Hotel Branford, Connecticut  May 6, 1961 (Incomplete)
Carnegie Hall Hootenanny  September 22, 1962
Madhouse On Castle Street BBC TV Studios London, England December 30, 1962 (Incomplete)
Disc four
Leeds Music Demos NYC, NY early 1962
Cynthia Gooding's Apartment NYC, NY March 1962
Eve and Mac McKenzie's Home recordings, New York City, New York 1961-1963 (Incomplete. This just scratches the surface of the 40 or so songs recorded.)

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Wonderland Records Group / WLR 2075

Released:    August 2008
1-8 stars
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Bob's Boots ref  #    BB-w17

Thanks to Terry Farrington for scans and info

Wow!! What a labor of love project! Wonderland is stepping up to the plate lately to hit a few home runs! Well, let's get all of the negatives about this release said and done and over with so that we can get to the praises. The main emphasis for this release is the Witmark Demos. For the Dylan neophyte, Bob was asked to leave his original publisher, Duchess Music, by manager Albert Grossman; and to sign with Witmark and sons. The reason being, that Witmark was an arm of Warner Brothers. The job of a publisher is to get the writer's music into the hands of a recording artist. Grossman believed that Witmark would be far more successful at this than Dylan's original publisher. These recordings are the demos that Dylan made in the office of his new publisher over the two year period of which he was signed. Looking over the tunes, one can spot a couple that would have cemented Dylan into the pages of Rock&Roll history had he never written another song. There were also some minor hits here, some more obscure titles, and a couple of throw-aways. The performances are not spectacular, for the most part, because the publisher is not interested in performance, only content. Nevertheless, there are some gems here, and the entire body of songs belongs in the collection of every person that calls them self a "Dylan collector". These demos have circulated among collectors since the 1960's, but they were rarely traded as a complete package that included all songs. Paul Cabel lamented that fact in his 1978 book about Dylan's unreleased recordings. Fact is, though, the recordings have since been packaged together for several years, and they fit nicely on only two discs. The remainder of the material, some interesting and some abysmal, has also seen several releases. So the bottom line is that there is nothing new here. There are a couple of very minor grammatical errors in the typed information that can easily be forgiven. The discs themselves are silk screened with a sterile, generic black and white look that this Label uses for all releases. The package is presented as a long-box. There is an entire generation now that has no clue what that is, but originally, all CD releases came in the long box. However, as it is no longer in style, some might find the storage of this title in a separate place from the CD collection to be another detriment. OK.. I've been trying to hold back this enormous grin while listing the negatives... because... the fact is... This has got to be one of the more beautiful looking packages ever created. There is a full length booklet included in the box that is simply stunning. It lists all track information, and the full length black and white photos are simply to die for. On top of that, the box photo and book front are in full color, and the photos are just breath-taking. We're not listing this as a must have item, because the material is available on other must have releases... but this package would be a sweet addition to any size collection. It is a must have for the completeist, and for the collector that doesn't already own the material on other releases. The gold titles of the package have been added by us for identification, and has released individual jewel case inserts that can be used in standard jewel boxes. They are linked from the bottom row of front and back cover links above. The recordings are as good as any of the commonly circulating tapes, and there were only 500 of these mouth watering babies produced, so jump onto this one with both feet. Careful not to drool on the cardboard.
© 2008 CD Pinkerton -
© 2008 CD Pinkerton -