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To: The Connecticut Statewide Bar Counsel

I have created this online page as a suplement to my hardcopy complaintat.
This page will allow you to more easily investigate the online references.
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Letter that Gil sent to my host server

Exhibit E (online version)

Exhibit R-03

Also, the following link was inadvertently left out of the hardcopy.
In the final paragraph of Exhibits A and B, Gilbert states that Mr. Pinkerton has charged $25 per event of commercial trafficking in unauthorized live music recordings. He basis this statement on a hidden page found here:
A "hidden page" means that it is not open for public viewing. One example of a hidden page is the page you are now viewing. There are no links anywhere on the internet that allow access to a hidden page. Only patrons that request this information will be sent a link to it. Interestingly enough, this is the same exact page that "an attorney" contacted paypal about, and had our paypal account closed. (Please see page three, paragraph five of the complaint).

Here is a new update as of 11-24-2006.
Obviously, this is not in the hardcopy complaint.
I have found dozens of recent lies, jabs, slurs, and slanders made by Walker against me on the Expecting Rain discussion boards to be found here:
Here is an example:

DVDylan is nothing like Bob's Boots; it's a real insult to a generous, hardworking guy like vygi to compare him to a ripoff artist like the guy who runs Bob's Boots. DvDylan doesn't charge gulklible Dylan fans $25 a pop to set up "special" deals for stuff they could otherwise get for free. DVDylan isn't full of content stolen from fansites with fake copyright tags stuck all over them. DvDylan doesn't sell advertising space to crooked boot dealers. DvDylan doesn't run down fans who do tons of work to distribute really neat stuff, and lie that the fans copied it from the bootleggers (who stole it from the fans to begin with). As the guy who actually wrote more than half of the Bobsboots CD pages, and had his work stolen by a lying, corrupt parasite who makes his living swindling music fans in general and Dylan fans in particular, I'd advise you to stay away from Bobsboots and stick to reliable, honest fansites for your information. You don't have to use my Field Recordings Guide (even though it does cover more than twice as many coimmercial items as Bobsboots does, and more than 10 times as many Dylan recordings over all.) There are enough honest Dylan fans out here who are happy to help you that nobody needs to turn to a sleaze like Pinkerton for anything Dylan-related.
"I am William J. Clinton, and I approve this message."

Found here:

There are many, many more if you would like the links.