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Past newsgroup posts by and/or related to Anne Thrax:

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In the search box type Anne Thrax

You can also search Bill Clinton, Monica's Dude, etc.


NOTE: Here is a JEWEL!!!
A post is made by Bill at monica's dude (aka Gilbert Walker).... but it is signed Anne Thrax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne is thought by "Scooby Don't" to be Bill Clinton (aka Gilbert Walker):


Cipro states Bill (aka Gilbert Walker) and Anne are related:


Anti Anne Thrax Society thinks Anne is Bill (aka Gilbert Walker):


Anne accuses RMD member of plagerism in the tone of Bill:


Anne threatening member christopher_kundl:


An ENTIRE conversation with Anne that smacks of Bill's writing:


Bill writes (in the same style as Anne) as one of her only defenders:


Anne writes in the style of Bill:


Wolfds writes about Bill (aka Gilbert Walker) and Anne together attacking


Anne (as bill) with vulgarities:


John Lettiere, GM of Preferred Computing, states Bill (aka Gilbert Walker) & Anne to be the same person:


Anne (as Bill) attacking Craig Pinkerton:


Anne using the same words as Bill to attack


Alan Fraser states that Bill's (aka Gilbert Walker) site could contain copyright infringment:


Craig reaches a helping hand to Bill (aka Gilbert Walker):


VERY INTERESTING: A writter suggests bobsboots to EW Magazine. Anne attacks it, then Gil Walker (who rarely posts as himself) offers Bill's site to EW:


Mike knows Bill and Gil to be the same:


Bill as Anne and Anne as Bill attacking a poster together:


There are many more, but this is enough to establish the statements that:


1) Most posters believe Bill (aka Gilbert Walker) and Anne to be the same entity.

2) Anne and Bill have libeled

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