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One cannot maintain several online identities at the same time that each interact with one another  and with the public without the occasional mistake as to which identity made which statement and which name should be signed to which post. Below are some links that not only show the attitude that Attorney Walker takes in dealing with some online posters, but it also demonstrates various mistakes that he makes as he confuses the multiple identities. There have been many others in our community that have discovered the multiple personalities of Attorney Walker. If they make a public comment about it, they become the target of ridicule from one or more of the identities. When it becomes obvious to all that Attorney Walker is the author (such as when he sends out a post from one of the identities and forgets to change his name, salutation, etc.) He simply claims that he has been the target of identity theft. This is laughable to all those insiders of the online Dylan community. The inside joke is that identify theft never happens to anyone else, yet Bill Clinton claims that it happens to him over and over again.

Bill (Gilbert) is seen as rude, arrogant and dangerous by many users in the Dylan comunity.
Here is a post from Scooby Don't:

Here Ramblin Man describes Bill's site as "poor" "St. Annie" (Gilbert) attacks him and spouting off Gilbert Walker retoric. Yet, the writer signs the post as "Anne Thrax" I can supply many other posts linking "St. Annie" to "Ann Thrax" they are one and the same. I can also supply many (and have supplied a few) posts that show these writers to be "Bill Clinton". They are all from the same author. I can supply undeniable proof (including Gilbert Walker's own statements) that he is, in fact, "Bill Clinton"

For instance... In this post St. Annie spouts Gilbert retoric, yet claims intimate knowledge of aledged private eMails to Gilbert.

Craig offers a hand to Gilbert.
(Of course, Bill never once commented or returned an eMail.)

Gilbert, always the bully, runs down poster "Mad Dan"  for asking an honest question by saying  "This is a stupefying foolish question."
The reader can scroll up and down to follow the posts to see the original question and the reply to Gilbert.

St. Annie (Anne Thrax/Bill/Gilbert/etc.) is nasty to another poster:

St. Annie is giving out a posters true identy here. It is always Gilbert's nature to spend hours trying to discover the true identity of anyone that he perceives as having differing thoughts and / or values than his own, and then to use one of his many pseudonyms to harras them.

Here is yet another alias... Simply "Bill". Here "Bill sings the praises of his alter ego St. Annie, and is quickly chastized by a prominate member of the comunity.

St Annie attacks a poster and falsely accuses him as being a bootleg traffiker

Here, intersetingly enough, St. Annie (Attorney Gilbert Walker) visits a LEGAL newsgroup and, using the same MO... gives out personel information about a poster there.

Here, a poster calling himself  "Anti Anne Thrax Society" (I truly don't know who this is) denounces Gilbert (Bill) as stealing his info from and being one and the same person as Anne Thrax.

A person who poses as a customer in order to decoy others into participating might be called a "shill" by those in the legal profession... but it is a word rarely used by the layman. To my knowledge, it has only been used a couple of times on the RMD (Dylan) newsgroup.

Here Anne Thrax calls a poster a "Shill" (accusing him of being a bootlegger)
Sun, Feb 10 2002 12:11 pm

Here Bill posts defending Anne Thrax. Interestingly, he claims the poster might be upset at Bill for calling him a "shill" (accusing him of being a bootlegger)
This might be a common word in the legal community, but it is not used in the Dylan collectors community. In fact, a simple search of the posts of the RMD community shows that it was used only twice. Once by Attorney Walker as "Bill" and once by Attorney Walker as "Anne"
Thurs, Nov 15 2001 7:08 pm

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