This is the exact cover letter of the complaint that I sent to the
the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Statewide Bar Council. I realized that a complaint such as this is very austere in nature. Believe me, I did not take it lightly. I suffered the lies and insults of Gilbert Walker for a decade. I NEVER once spoke unkindly to or about Gilbert Walker. I never once even defended myself against his lies. My heart and integrity are known and verified by all who have ever known me. Gilbert lied to and threatened our patrons, and several stopped helping our site. He threatened our business associates with lawsuit, and we lost them all. Through letters threatening lawsuit, he closed down our discussion board, pulled us from the google search engine, shut down our paypal account, pulled our guestbooks with bravenet, and contacted those entities with which we did business to effectively end our relationships. All the while, he slandered me to my host server, and libeled my wife and me and the bobsboots website mercilessly. Still, I took no action against him. The straw that finally broke the camel's back was hurled upon me on Oct 19, 2006. Gilbert contacted our host server and demanded that be removed from the Internet or my host would face lawsuit. It was ONLY AFTER this final attempt to destroy me that I took the action of this complaint. My hand to God, I have never taken any other action against Gilbert Walker. I have never contacted any of his associates or business partners or providers as he has lied that I have done. In fact, I have gone to extreme measures to protect his identy. I have allowed him to remain anonymous. This instrument would have NEVER been made public but for the fact that he will not relent with his vicious lies and attacks against bobsboots, myself, my wife, and our dear patrons. It is time... after a decade of abuse... that the truth be told.
Craig Pinkerton

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To: The State of Connecticut
Judicial Branch Statewide Bar Council
287 Main St. 2nd East Hartford, CT

From: Craig Pinkerton

My name is Craig Pinkerton, and I am the owner of a website called The website is an online museum that chronicles the unauthorized, unreleased recordings of Bob Dylan, that have been commercially issued on vinyl LP and compact disc. The releases are known in the industry as "bootlegs," hence the title of my site.
I began chronicling these recordings in approximately 1979, and have done so ever since. In the early 1990s I decided to start converting my years of notes into digital information so that it could be incorporated in a website. By 1995 I began compiling the digital information online. The website was created throughout 1997, and became operational soon after. Even though every page that I created carried a copyright notice, I still filed with the US Copyright office in 2002. (Please see Exhibit C )The sole intention of the website was, and still is, to share with the public the massive amount of insight and information that I had accumulated throughout my years of collecting. 
The first pages that were posted online were pages describing and chronicling vinyl LP's. Along with these pages, was a cover page stating that in the future there would be compact discs posted to the site as well. Around this time there was an individual that created a page that listed live recordings of Bob Dylan. These recording are known as "field recordings" in the industry, as they are generally recorded live in the "field." This individual referred to his website as "Field Recordings". These recordings could have been on cassette tape, CD-R, or CD, as this individual was merely documenting the live performances... not the commercial releases as I was doing.
To the contrary, this individual stated, and continues to state on his website, that he has never owned a commercial bootleg and never will. He has a disdain for them. This being the case, he has no first hand knowledge of any commercial Bob Dylan bootleg release. As he began his site, he scoured the news groups and asked individuals to contribute information about the bootleg titles. I, on the other hand, own the titles that I review.
This individual claimed himself to be then President William J. Clinton. He posted a picture of the president and Bob Dylan on his website and captioned beneath it "This is me meeting Bob Dylan." Though the picture has now been moved from the front of his website, it can still be found on his website in another location. This individual referred to himself as "Monica's Dude" (as in Lewinsky) in emails and initially on the original page of his website. He went by the name of Bill Clinton when contacting news groups or answering emails.
This individual's true identity became known to me to be a Connecticut admitted attorney by the name of Gilbert Walker.
Gilbert goes by the nickname Gil when corresponding with friends and family. The remainder of this complaint will use the name Gil or Gilbert to refer to this individual.
Soon after I started posting CD's to my website, I began getting harassing emails and harassing posts to news groups stating lies about me and my website. These posts were made by individuals with colorful names such as "Anne Thrax". I have since learned that all of these entities were, in fact, none other than Gil. (Please see Exhibit E). I have also created an online version of this exhibit that will allow you to follow the links. Please go to:
In the decade since, I have been continually harassed and belittled by Gil on various websites throughout the internet. I have repeatedly contacted him via email to ask why I was being attacked. My emails were never replied to. Instead, Gil would continue his derogatory onslaught in public hiding behind the fanciful pseudonyms that he had created for himself.
I have never said one negative thing to Gil, or about Gil either in private or in public. To the contrary, I have even offered him my website space at no charge when he had trouble with his own. I have gone out of my way to be cordial to him, and have never spoken ill of him. However, the same cannot be said of him. Through his various pseudonyms he has tried to destroy me and my website. I have suffered in silence for a decade at the hands of Gilbert Walker.
  It was a reader of the RMD newsgroup that had become fed up with the allegations being made by Thrax and others that contacted me to let me know that he was a friend of Gilbert Walker. He begged me to allow him to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal. I have protected his identity, and will continue to do so. He stated that Gil was not of a stable frame of mind. He then proceeded to reveal to me that Gil takes on different personas (Anne Thrax, St. Annie, Bill, etc.) to surreptitiously attack those that he perceives as having differing views from his own.
Once I became aware of his true identity, I contacted Gilbert Walker and told him that I would no longer stand for his lies about me and my website and about those patrons that visited my website. I informed him that, were there one more post from Thrax; or any other of his pseudonyms that was critical of me or my website, that I would tell the news groups the true identity of those pseudonym individuals.
While he would never admit to having other identities, interestingly enough, there was never another post to any website from Thrax et al. This writing so far has just been to introduce you to the persona(s) of Gilbert Walker.
Now I come to the reason of my complaint.
Even though the malicious postings subsided temporarily, Gil continued to post false information and lies about me and the website periodically over the past several years. His claim has always been that I have plagiarized him. This is interesting in light of the fact that 3/4 of my website is devoted to vinyl albums and tutorials that do not appear on his website. When I first began entering CD's to the website, I was emailed set lists (this refers to a list of songs and their corresponding date of performance that are recorded onto a particular cd) of a few shows by various contributors to the website. I posted those set lists never knowing that they had been (according to Gilbert) copy and pasted from his website.
My very first encounter with Gil was when he went to public news groups and began ranting and raving about how I stole his copyrighted material. I tried to explain to him that A) He was speaking of a handful of files out of thousands that I have written and published… B) I had NO knowledge that the information had come from his website (if in fact it did) and that C) A list of songs and dates that appear on a cd is not a copyrightable item. It is also interesting to note that I personally review each item that I post to my website. More often than not, once I enter an item on my site, it somehow appears on his website soon after. I was oblivious to this fact until patrons of both websites started pointing it out to me. I have since visited his site, and have found that there is very little, if any, original copyrightable material on his site. His site does continually change, however, to more and more look like my own. Moreover, the bulk of reviews on Gil’s site are written by other people... not by him. To try to appease him, however, I offered to credit him as the source of the set lists(s) that he claimed that he had originally copied and pasted to his website from other sources. I offered to provide a link back to his website. He would have no further contact with me. Instead, I removed all information that purportedly came from him (a total of about 8-10 set lists out of the literally 1000's of files on my site).
Except for the occasional rant on various newsgroups, that has been the end of the matter until recently.
I have had guestbooks powered by Bravenet for many years. Not long ago Bravenet removed all of my guestbooks and my message board. I contacted them to ask them why and was told that they had been contacted by an attorney who had informed them of plagiarism and illegal activities on my website. I asked them what activities and what I could change to make them happy in order to reinstate my account with them, and they would not allow it. I still have no message board and no guestbooks.
Let me interject here that we do NOT participate in any illegal activity whatsoever. We simply chronicle bootlegs, we DO NOT sell them. Nor do we encourage people to go out and bootleg any material. In fact, we are vehemently opposed to pirating material, and will remove any trader from our website that is found to violate this policy. We do not advocate buying and selling of commercial bootlegs, however. We neither condone nor condemn, we merely document. This information was supplied to Bravenet, but to no avail. We were never able to re-establish our accounts.
Our means of collecting monies in order to maintain the website is powered by paypal. I have had an account with paypal since soon after their inception in 1998. Soon after the above incident occurred, my paypal account was terminated. I then had no means of collecting money  from my website, or even retrieving monies that was already in my account. I asked them why they had done this, and I was told that they had been informed by counsel that I was conducting illegal activities on my website. I was told that if I removed the illegal pages, that I could be reinstated. However, they could not tell me what the illegal pages were. I immediately faxed them 10 pages worth of information that explained what my website was, but they did not accept my exposition. Included in that fax was a two page cover letter that detailed the chain of events that led to my discovery that my store had been made inoperable. I’ve included those pages in this package. (Please see Exhibit F ) Next, I simply started removing many of the paypal buttons at random from my site, and then re-contacted them. As they were never satisfied, I finally convinced them to give me a link to the pages that were offensive to them. They supplied the link to only one page. A page that was "hidden" on my website (meaning it was not for public viewing). I removed the paypal logo and was reinstated. That one page is incorrectly identified and manipulatively maligned in the final paragraph of (Exhibit A ) [PLEASE continue to the end of this paper before seeing Exhibit A].
I recently installed an powered store, and was soon after contacted by them to inquire about illegal activities on my website. I had to write them an extensive email explaining what my site is and what it is not to be able to keep the store on my website.
Soon after the above two incidents, I was contacted by my host server, Eve Inc, whom I have been with for the past decade. They informed me that, as was the case with my other partnerships, they were sent an email from an attorney that had claimed that I was illegally operating my website, and demanded that it be removed from the internet. (Please see Exhibit A - I have also created an online version of this exhibit that will allow you to follow the links. Please go to: Fortunately for me, the owner of Eve Inc, is a personal friend of mine. Rather than removing my website, he forwarded the email to me. To my shock, I found the culprit to be none other than Gilbert Walker. I have written a response to his accusations for your eyes only. (Please see Exhibit B)
I am sure that I am fully within my right to bring lawsuit against this individual as his slander has cost me monetarily. However, I am instead appealing to you for justice. Gilbert Walker acted as an attorney in contacting providers that I was doing business with. As he has contacted them using knowingly false information and accusations, I am asking, please, that this board do a thorough investigation into his activities.
He has slandered me and various other innocent parties for years. He has even gone so far as to make physical threats to fans of our website. Please... this individual is out of control. I am appealing to you for your help.
Thank you,

Craig D. Pinkerton 
Note: After this letter was delivered to the Judicial Branch Statewide Bar Council, it was forwarded to Gilbert Walker for his response. He then had my home address and phone number. Several days later I began receiving death threats at my wife's private phone via an anonymous caller that lasted several days. I was basically informed in the threats to lay off of Gil Walker. This has all been documented with law enforcement. The Judicial Branch Statewide Bar Council informed me that some of these allegations, were they proven, were grounds for disbarment. Gilbert replied to them and lied with every sentence. The investigation was eventually dropped due to "technical reasons". One of which they informed me was my statement "I am instead appealing to you for justice" Being a lay person, I didn't realize that you cannot make such a request of the Council. I also didn't realize that you are only permitted to present your case one time. I was not allowed to fix the errors and resubmit.

Here is a link to a message that was left to my wife on her answering machine. Of course, the caller was not stupid enough to put to tape what he had been threatening me with over the phone. Although it could be, I am in no way suggesting that this is the voice of Gilbert Walker. I believe him to be a much smarter man than to actually phone himself.    
Recording made by perp

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