Gilbert Walker made several contacts to my web host server in an effort to have me shut down
days before I became aware of it. The first notification that I received from EVE was as follows:
Not a single word has been changed.
From: Harold McKeand <>  
To: Dr. CD Pinkerton
Subject:    (Fwd) Copyright violation/DMCA notice,
Date:    Oct 23, 2006 9:13 AM

Can you bring me upto date on your problems with Gilbert Walker.

I need to respond to him to protect eve.


------- Forwarded message follows -------
Date sent: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 12:44:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gilbert Walker <>
Subject: Copyright violation/DMCA notice,

Per our telephone/VOIP conversation of approximately
3pm today, I am notifying you that the website known
as "Bob's Boots" (aks "bobsboots"), with the URL/doman

hosted by Eve, Inc. with the IP address
violates my copyright rights in the Bob Dylan Field
Recordings Guide. The material used by "Bob's Boots"
and its site operator, who identifies himself as Craig
Pinkerton, is the central element in the "Bob's Boots"
site. Since that site is an unauthorized derivative
work based on my intellectual property, all legitimate
copyrights in the site's material belong to me.

The Field Recordings Guide may currently be found
online at

Mr. Pinkerton has openly admitted that he has
improperly used my copyrighted material on his site:

although that admission is neither candid nor
appropriately reflective of the extensive

Mr. Pinkerton, after having agreed to remove the
infringing material from his site and to apply
accurate credits and copyright notices on material
derived from my site if I allowed its use, began the
process of removing infringing material.

In the recent past, however, he has returned all the
infringing material to his site, removed all credits
regarding its source, and knowingly applied false
copyright notices to material on which I own the

Mr. Pinkerton, in connection with various enterprises
to derive revenue from the site, such as an Amazon
associates agreement, has falsely represented to third
parties that he is the owner of the copyrights to
material I created, and to the unauthorized derivative
works based on material under my copyrights.

As the copyright owner, I want the "Bob's Boots" site
removed from your hosting service expeditiously.

If you require sample displays of infringing pages in
addition to Mr. Pinkerton's admission, I can provide
them quite quickly and document beyond question the
primacy of my use via widely recognized Internet
archiving services.

I would also note that Mr. Pinkerton has used the
"Bob's Boots" site for various illegal enterprises,
including the holding of illegal lotteries, as
described here:

and the promotion and advertising of enterprises
engaged in the commercial trafficking in unauthorized
live music recordings, as shown on these pages

in violation of 18 USC 2319A. In the past, Mr.
Pinkerton has himself personally violated that statute
by arranging delivery of such recordings to
individuals in the United States for a charge of

Gilbert Walker III, Esq
48 Lexington Road
West Hartford, CT 06119-1747


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