Gilbert Walker's copyright claims dispelled
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Letter from site contributor 'MM':

Hi gang,
I can dispel the myth of copyright claims by Walker once and for all.
In this message of

quoting monicasdude:
As for material cut-and-pasted from my site, my immediate comments were directed to your recent entry for "Laguna Beach," where the tracklist and source information is taken virtually verbatim from my site, but the information  is credited to [another]

Response by MM:
I supplied the information to
Below are some photos for you. As you can see I OWN THE DISC IN QUESTION !!!!  To the best of my recollection, I purchased this set at a record fair in Victoria, London in summer 1998 or 1999.
There's a photo of me holding the set from my own personal collection that I took this afternoon, plus a photo of the actual disc. The third photo is of the back of the cd complete with setlist, individual track times and venue details. Further to that, I've included a photo I took of ISIS magazine, issue 66 - April-May 1996 which I've had in my possession since that date. It shows Phill Townsend's (AKA Crazy Joe) review of the disc complete with tracklist, date, venue, disc timings, even if I didn't actually own the disc myself, why would I need to use Walker's site as a source of information for this disc?!? ;-)
MM reply:
Once again, Walker's claim of copyright is for the track list and source information. As I've stated over and over, these things cannot be copyright protected! You cannot claim copyright to a list of the contents of a CD, dates, venues or other facts that are common property. The reason being, as MM points out above, these things are simply a list of common property facts that anyone has access to. They appear on the disc package, the field recording guide,, ISIS, and in hundreds of other places in hard copy and electronic print. Even if they were not listed on the cover, everyone has the same ability to decide what the song titles, dates, venue, etc. is. There can be no copyright provided for this type of 'investigation'. You can read more about what is not protected by copyright  directly from the US copyright office website. by clicking the below link.

What Is Not Protected by Copyright?

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