Visions 1965
Wikipedia editors have reportedly found monicasdude (Gilbert Walker)
in ordinance violation by creating a sockpuppet

He writes...
Why did you remove the link to the Monica's Dude site from the Bob Dylan article and make it impossible for me to put it back. It is one of the 2 or 3 best Dylan sites on the Web & even Dylan's record company pays attention to what he says. You and your weird friends may hate the guy who runs it because he fights against the bootleggers but that's no reason to pretend it doesn't exist and keep Dylan fans from reading about it at Wikipedia.
Visions 1965

(Wiki editors found this 'Visions 1965' pseudonym to be
Gilbert swears that this isn't him... what do you think??

This is the exact MO that Gilbert Walker has used time after time. He creates a pseudonym (an alternate online identity or sockpuppet as Wiki calls it) and attacks people. He then creates another
pseudonym that is the only defender of the first. Following is an official description of Gilbert (presumably written by him) from the New Pony Records website "
...[he] maintains websites like the Bob Dylan Field Recordings Guide and Bob Dylan’s Live Debuts. He drinks far too much coffee and chooses pseudonyms badly.

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