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Taken from the monica's dude message board (written to all readers)
Very Sad News
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Many of you formerly associated with Dylan tree will be extremely sad to hear that Glyn passed away recently.
Glyn was a great and generous contributor to Dylan tree and when that folded he help set up Dylan vine.
I know not all of us saw eye to eye wih Glyn, however I think even his sternest critic would recognize the passiuon [sic] Glyn had for all things Dylan

Sent to the mail room (written by Glyn Worwood)
DATE:  Sun, 28 Oct 2007 19:09:07 +0000
SUBJECT: your problems with "Bill Clinton"
I wish you well and would like to say thank you for your great site, long may it last

Glyn Worwood (caerwnon)

Taken from the monica's dude message board (written to Gilbert Walker)
Topic: those bobsboots claims (Read 175 times)
glyn worwood
those bobsboots claims
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I was pointed to bobsboots and read those accusations, are they true? Are you really a bloody maniac? I know you are a complete tosser and are happy to use personal information for your own stupid pleasure.

But rape and murder? is that how you operate? If so I had better lock my doors and windows. I am quite happy to be murdered but rape? No thanks.

Taken from the monica's dude message board (written to Gilbert Walker)
why choose "expecting rain"

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to try and insult me once again? You are a sad little f**ker dude. Use your own website if you wish to argue or insult someone. But I see that you are the only person who posts here, you obviously like talking to yourself.

get a f**king life,

Glyn Worwood. Y2K red Fazer 600S.
Glyn @ 55yrs old had bikes all his life, racing them up till age 45. Glyn raced at the Manx GP in '75 and '76 on a Honda 400 four and finished his career Classic racing a Honda CB350. He owned a shed full of bikes, notably a 1962 Honda CB92.

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