Judge Magney
A reader has contacted us with the following information that allows another
of Gilbert Walker's pseudonyms to be "Judge Magney"
One note of interest is that every pseudonym of Gil Walker's is antagonistic.
He cannot get away from it. He cannot create a generous or kind or giving or even likable personality.
This is very sad to me.

The following is quoted from the wikkipedia page at:

"Judge Magney" is the pseudonym of an attorney who has been commenting online about politics and the legal aspects of "gray area" aspects of live music trading and collecting since 1997. The pseudonym's career is longer than its internet life, as is the attorney's.
Quotes from

"Most lately, Monicasdude has taken to trying to subvert
Wikipedia into being simply advertising for his personal sites."
Wow. This is ...quite true, and definately not a good thing.
Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters

What a fragrant batch of hypocrisy. /  While he wants to delete any links to the sites I operate, he does not object to / www.bobsboots.com, which is a pure commercial site selling memorabilia, advertising, and promoting commercial bootlegs;... 
(and then proceeds to personal attacks of the poster)
In truth, Gilbert's site is worthless as an academic tool. It's only function is to list recordings of Bob Dylan that he has found posted across the Internet. There are many resources that do this in a much more organized manner. To attempt to categorize bobsboots.com as a purely commercial site is as ludicrous as Gilbert Walker's seemingly endless list of online identities. Higher than ninety-nine percent of the pages found on bobsboots.com is dedicated to the academic study of bootleg recordings, and in particular, the vinyl album and commercial silver CD releases of Bob Dylan. There have been decades of anecdotes, interviews, collectibles, material and study put forth to create this massive academic library. We do not promote bootlegs any more than Gilbert Walker does. We merely document them. Even though asked repeatedly, We have never sold the first advertisement.

Judge Magney was also hostile with many RMD users in the exact manner as was monica's dude. Here are some examples:
I simply point out that you hold a double standard, and that by the standards you apply to Moore (and to most others, it appears, who hold political opinions that diverge too sharply from your own), you are dishonest. And you whitewash the material you and Buck (re)posted.  It was not merely "partly false," but deliberately falsified in most important regards.  Moore, in contrast, posted the Pantagraph text verbatim under its original headline, in the same manner the Pantagraph chose to display it on its own web archive site.


Magney <judge_mag...@hotmail.com> wrote:
Oh, stop whining.  You deserved it.
A reply to the evil judge: Do YOU have a webpage pal?  Where is it?  NOBODY deserves this. Not even Satan himself would have "deserved" this.

It's quite an easy thing to do a complete search of the Judge throughout RMD, although you'll find him quite the bore. While he's not usually as antagonistic as the other Gilbert Walker identities... strangely... any poster who disagrees with Bill, monicasdude, etc. became a target for the Judge as well.

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