The Proof
I realize that anyone can claim anything about anybody... just as Bill at monica's dude has always done with me. Therefore, I have created this link page to back up everything that I say. I truly believe that there is not one individual reading this page that can claim that I have lied to them, cheated them, verbally attacked them, put them down, or called them names as Bill has done to so many of you. Bill has made a lot of false claims against me... but where is his proof of even one claim?

I don't want simply to make these horrendous claims without affording you the proof to investigate it for yourself. The links from this page will take you to various pages and sites on the Internet where It will be easy for one and all to put the truth together.

My first claim is that Bill Clinton (monica's dude) is in fact Gilbert Walker III esq.
Another claim is that this same Gilbert Walker contacted my host server in an attempt to shut us down by claiming himself to be the copyright holder. As proof of both of these, I offer to you one of Gilbert's emails that was forwarded to me.
Read Gilbert Walker's email

In the past when Bill Clinton has been caught attacking people while hiding behind various aliases, he has always claimed that it wasn't him. That someone broke into his mail account and was stealing his identity. He cannot claim so here. This and other Emails are verified by EVE, and Walker actually spoke with them via phone.

monica's dude copyright claims dispelled by contributor!
Gilbert Walker claims  proven false

Gilbert Walker III (monica's dude) and
Fraud, slander,  and libel

Monicasdude has caused a lot of harm at Wikipedia
monicasdude banned continues to champion a peaceful resolution.
Gilbert  will not consider it

Another claim that many, many support is that Bill Clinton / monica's dude (Gilbert Walker) was in fact the infamous Anne Thrax that was so cruel, attacked so many, and led to the demise and destruction of several online Dylan sites and posters. I will let you investigate this for yourself from the RMD archives.
Bill was Anne Thrax?

This page will take you to links that seemingly prove Gilbert to be the infamous hate mongering, self righteous "St. Annie" as well as simply "Bill' and others
Bill was St. Annie as well?

Bill accused me of lying to several "governmental agencies" about himself and other Dylan fans. This is not so. Were it true, Gilbert would produce proof in light of the overwhelming incriminating evidence that is supplied here. The fact is, I only contacted the State Bar. I did not mention any other names. Gilbert himself did that in his response.  Read for yourself my complaint:
Craig's complaint to the State Bar

I also supplied the Bar with an online version of a few pages that were easier to traverse via Internet. Here is the index of that submission that also contains more incriminating evidence.
See the online page to the State Bar

I have stated that I received threatening phone calls to my wife's phone. I did not threaten back, or engage in conversation... I simply hung up. After several calls of hideous vulgarities and violent threats, there was one that I refused to answer.
This is the recording that was left for my wife

Gilbert Walker is also 'Judge Magney"
According to Wiki reports

A memorial to Glyn Worwood
You [Gilbert Walker] are a sad little f**ker dude

Yet another pseudonym
Visions 1965

Finally, here are a few more odds and ends of the scores of lyng posts that Gilbert has vomited around the Internet.
Even more of Gilbert's vile nature exposed (For those that just can't get enough)

A response to libel from attorney Gilbert Walker (monicasdude)
CD Pinkerton responds

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monicasdude expose' comments

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