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June 17, 2008
Hey guys
Just an email to let you know that I've learned that Bill at monica's dude has aranged for your mailroom to get spammed. I think that he has gone too far with all the things that he does to you guys. This is just one more thing. when i found it ou i wanted to let you know wgere it's cominf from. Good luck and i hope somebody destroys him
Dear Friends
The emails about Bill Clinton have not stopped coming in, by any means. There's at least one a day. It's simply getting tiresome to continue posting day after day all the negative comments that we get. However we WILL MAKE POSTS like this one periodically when there is a need for it. Our mail room has not been spammed for years (since the last time Bill's friend Anne Thrax went on an attack about us.) thanks to the new blocking software that we use. I made the statement that since I'm bringing to light all that Bill (Gil Walker) is doing, that I bet we get spammed again. A week later it happened. Coincidence? Now it's happening again, but NOW.... we also received the above tip. It's not our desire to see a man destroyed, but to see his crimes continually reported in an effort to show what kind of person he truly is.

April 10, 2008

Thanks for documenting and posting the sordid history of the nonsense between BobsBoots and Monica's Dude.  My own experience with Gil were not pleasant...On occasions when I wrote to correct or update information on his site, he frequently responded not with gratitude, but with fierce, insulting and scurrilous personal attacks.

I've always found humorous his sanctimonious protests about bootlegs and his alleged purity, while at the same time ambiguously soliciting others to provide him with bootlegs to review.  He won't buy a bootleg, but if someone else does, and provides him a copy, he'll gladly listen to it...No small amount of hypocrisy, eh!  He happily accepted the cdrs of silver boots I provided him to review, never complained, never returned them...but in his mind, his hands are clean.

The guy is an arrogant know-it-all.  It's sad he's created such hassles for you.  Shutting him down and shutting him up would be a service to us all.  Justice

Feb.-April, 2008
Dear Friends
We are finding a lot of hostility out there directed toward Gil Walker (aka Bill Clinton, monica's dude, etc.). He has evidently made a lot of enemies. However, the posts to us that are simply name calling and full of hatred and bad language are not going to be posted. Feel free to tell your story as long as it is factual, but please do not resort to simply bad mouthing and name calling. We will no longer post this type of email.

Feb 17, 2008
Hi gang,
I can dispell the myth of copyright claims by Walker once and for all.
Read the information here.

Glad to see others get the opportunity to see who this crook really is and what he is all about. I'd like to point something out that lends more creedence to your claims. I found this page from a thread at Expecting Rain. When I went back to reply to the thread, the entire thing was gone! Hundreds of people had read it, many had replied, then it vanished. All the negative posts that monicasdude has made in the past are still there though. Does monicasdude control that board as well? Or did Expecting Rain crumble to pressure from monicsdude? If so... shame on them!

I've never read this side of the story before (as posted here on bobsboots); and this affair/scandal saddens me. This person, Monicasdude; has been very informative and on-the-mark in all discussions where I've seen him posting - especially on torrent-sites. In fact he's been a very nice help for me and others; in finding info about where to find a certain recording; or info about who's responsible for this and that recording, which the bootlegers passed off as their own; etc.....information one can't find many other places. And he's polite as well. So it's a big surprise to read this posts from Never Ending Pool and such; they are new to me. Well I thank him for his nice work elsewhere on the net; and hope that you (bobsboots) and Monicasdude will laugh about this absurd affair in a few years from now. And I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with running bobsboots; and the phonecalls to your wife.

Reply from Thank you EBT. We agree wholeheartedly with your entire post. All we have ever wanted is to be able to exist without persecution. Here is the truth... My hand to God... were Gilbert (monica's dude) to simply contact me and agree to stop maligning us, and agree to never again try to take any action that could result in a detrimental outcome to me, my family, our patrons, and the website... then I would remove this entire section immediately. Here, then, I am once again extending the olive branch as I have done so many times in the past. I never wanted to have to write this expose'. 'The true heart of Gilbert Walker III will be shown in how he responds to this offer of truce.
Spring 2009 UPDATE:  We mailed and emailed this statement to Gil Walker on four separate dates last year. We also had well known and respected entities approach Gill with this message. Lastly, it was sent out twice as snail mail from our Legal representative. It's now been over a year that this statement has been posted. Gil has received it via email and snail mail many times. It would be ludicrous of him to suggest that he's never read it. (Believe me! He has read EVERY word here). To date, there has been no acknowledgment from him whatsoever to any of the above mentioned requests.
I ask you again now, dear reader, to examine the final sentence of the above paragraph, prophetically written more than a year ago.

Feb 16, 2008
Comments on monicasdude = this just proves that lawyers are evil no gooders!!!
Greyflanel dwarf

Reply from It's truly sad that one corrupt individual could tarnish the practice of so many others. This poster's comments tend to reflect that very sentiment, however. Perhaps the Connecticut State Bar should pay attention to the damage that Gilbert Walker is inflicting upon the good name of so many honest attorneys.

Comments on monicasdude = This is really funny. I found it going through your links:
"As for relative site usage, my Dylan sites are doing quite well, thank you --
I doubt the Wikipedia Dylan sites got 20,000+ page views yesterday"
(quoted by monicasdude)
PER DAY?!?! so that's 20,000 x 30 = 600,000 hits per month but according to the
ENTIRE angelfire network got 4,531,600 hits in the last month, so monicasdude is
claiming that an entire 14% approximately of Angelfire's network hits are coming from his site alone. look at what it is for expecingrain which must be the most popular bobdylan site the statistics say Estimate 121,400 visits in the previous 30 days.

Feb 15, 2008
I have always known that monicas dude used all those aliases to spread his haterd around
the internet and to attack innocent people. What I never knew before was that he was a Lawyer!
Someone that you think would garner respect, and try to treat people in a decent manner.
What's this world coming to?

Hey Gilbert... Burn in Hell!!!!
(Please do not use my name)

Monicas dude has been a menace for years. he is a sick bas**** [edited for publication]. Thank God that somebody has finally come out with the truth about him.

Well done for your expose of that criminal. Some of those emails are despicable.
I will never visit that website again.
Best wishes and keep up the good work. I for one will always support you

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