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I have had enough, Bill!


My name is Craig Pinkerton.
I am the owner of the Bob Dylan related website bobsboots.com. Over the course of the last ten years, Connecticut Attorney Gilbert Walker III aka Bill Clinton aka monica's dude, et al. has continually harassed me, lied about me, libeled and slandered me and my business in public and to my various business associates. He has made it his life's goal to destroy bobsboots.com. All this, seemingly because of jealousy. He operates a similar website. While mine has become an Internet staple, his has remained largely unknown outside of the Dylan bootleg community. He has succeeded in causing me quite a bit of harm, however.

I'm sure you are aware of the phrase "There's two sides to every story".  Well, in this case there is not. This has been a one sided war fueled and perpetuated only by the hateful and spiteful mind of one man. If you want to think of the true 'other side of the story'...  then it would be my side. For many years this West Hartford resident has told only his corrupt tales through his diverse array of online entities.  I have never once defended myself against the onslaught of lies. All those who know and love me know that there isn't a shred of truth in anything that Gilbert has ever said about me. That was all that ever mattered to me.  I have done no wrong. I have never spoken one ill thing of him. My conscience is completely clear... yet I have been belittled, libled, slandered and accused of various crimes (that, if accurate, would carry a prison sentence) in public for a decade now. I never once responded to this individual to give him even the first droplet of fuel to inflame his hateful fire.  His goal has been to close my site so that he can take it over. Through online 'verbal' intimidation of our patrons, lies to our sponsors, and letters threatening lawsuit to our business partners, and using a myriad of fanciful pseudonyms to attack innocent posters to other websites that try only to speak the truth, he has cost us dearly. Never once did I retaliate by any means.

Then, in October of 2006, I was informed by my host server that they would have to remove my site from the Internet to protect themselves from lawsuit by Gilbert Walker who was claiming authorship of 100% of the material on bobsboots.com. That was the first and only time I have taken action against him until now. I filed a complaint against him with the Connecticut State Bar because he was acting in capacity as attorney, yet was providing knowingly false information to try to destroy me. His efforts to remove my site proved futile.

However, when I filed the complaint, the State Bar forwarded it to Walker for response. He now had my home address and my wife's private phone number. I used her number because I am not always at my phone, and I didn't want the Bar to call and not reach someone. Within days after he had received the information (this is verifiable) I began getting death threats via my wife's phone. Not only have I never received any such thing in my life... why would threats to me be coming over her private phone? Even though it's circumstantial evidence, it was most clear what was going on. This is all documented through the local police department. Afterwards, Walker continued his smear campaign against me, only stepping it up a notch. I continued to turn the other cheek. However, the recent posts that he has been making have started including lies and libel about my wife. If there could be such a thing, she is even a more innocent party than myself!

Bringing my wonderful wife into his world of filth broke my heart. I could have suffered in silence indefinitely were he only attacking me. I cannot live with her being so viciously libeled, though. This was the final straw. I have decided to write an expose' on the crimes of this individual, and post it here. I will also begin a section to finally let many of you who have been attacked as well have a forum to finally speak out against this criminal without fear of reprisal.  I will post your comments, but I will not post your name unless it is by your request. You are now able to comment. Click this link to do so. This link will also be available in other pages should you prefer to continue reading.

There is no room for hatred in my heart. I don't hate Gilbert Walker for the misery that he's always tried to inflict upon me. To the contrary... I am filled with compassion and sympathy for what must be a truly tortured mind to have to live out his life as he has done. I could hope for nothing more than for him to be truly convicted within his own heart, and turn his life around.

For now, sadly, this page has to exist.
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