From the monicasdude revealed news desk...

Dateline: Feb. 16, 2008 has successfully petitioned google to allow their search engines to include this expose'.  They have agreed that there is no identification anywhere on this site that is not common public knowledge. Example: type in Gilbert Walker III into a google search bar. Out of  180, 000 + pages this expose' is at the top of the list. Type in ...  attorney Gilbert Walker ...  out of over eighty thousand pages, this expose' tops the list. etc etc.  Pass the word.

In (hopefully) unrelated news: I am
considered a 'local celebrity' in my area. I am very well known, well liked and respected in the community (in fact the entire tri-state area) in which I live...  and I don't have the first enemy. Yet... my vehicle window was busted out last night.

Dateline: Feb. 15, 2008
Gilbet Walker evidently contacted Google last year and convinced them to drop from its search engine through a campaign of lies and deceit. We had to go through legal procedure to become reinstated.

As a statement to the power and popularity of, On the day after the creation of this expose', it was the top rated google entry for each of the searches of Monica's Dude, monicasdude, Gil Walker, Gilbert Walker, Gilbert Walker III, and Gilbert Walker III esq.

Gilbert Walker (or someone acting in his behalf) apparently contacted google, lied to them about the purpose and use of this page, and circumvented their rules to have the searchable names removed from the google banks and search robot.

Regardless of his efforts to hide behind the cloaks of his sockpuppets, the truth is quickly becoming known.

Awstats already reports thousands of hits to these expose' pages within the first few days. Pass this along to your friends. Through his multiple personalities, Gilbert has attacked others both on line and off line via phone and mail for years with no one to check him.  Until now...

Also new today.... Give us your feedback on this page, monicasdude, Gilbert Walker, etc.  I want to voice an opinion

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