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G.E. Smith
Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour Band 1988-1990

Smith was born George Edward Smith on January 27, 1952 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. He was the lead guitarist in the band Hall and Oates and the musical director of the TV show Saturday Night Live.

As a  freelance session player, Smith has performed and recorded with an exceptionally wide spectrum of influential artists.His own albums include In The World (1981), Get A Little (with the Saturday Night Live Band, 1993) and Incense, Herbs and Oils (1998). Smith currently is the lead guitarist for the band MoonAlice. He was married to Gilda Radner (1980–1982) and has been married to Taylor Barton since 1990.

Smith was lead guitarist of Bob Dylan's NET touring band from June 7, 1988 to October 19, 1990. He also served as musical director of the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert at Madison Square Garden on October 16, 1992.

He appeared on Broadway in the Jersey Boys show on Saturday, July 22, 2006.

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