Nag Champa Incense
1 kilogram (1000 gram) box
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Suggested retail price is $75.00 USD. We save you 45% at only $43 per Kilo
!!! plus $7 for 2 day shipping
For the die hard Nag Champa lover, the professional masseuse or masseur, band, musical or performance artist, therapist, retail outlet, fraternity, etc. etc. You have to have the biggest, best value package produced. There are very few pleasure this intense that can be had for only $43.00 a kilo!... Second day priority shipping will be added for only $7.00 . Don't be fooled by lower prices that charge a hidden high postage rate, or substitute a lower quality Nag Champa! (total charge = @ .04 cents per stick)
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8 stick tube
15 grams
40 grams
100 grams
250 grams
500 grams
Nag Champa beauty soap
Wood burner w/ brass diamond inlay
Wood burner w/ brass star & sun inlay
Gift set #1
Gift set #2
Gift set #3
Gift set #4

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