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Ornate hand made Indian Lacquer and Mirror Incense Burners
Each one of these little hand made burners is an amazing work of art unto itself !! Just like a snowflake, there are never two just alike. They are made of lacquer, mirrors, chord, and magic. Each one can hold a cone in the center, and up to four sticks vertically for blending aromas or power burning Nag Champa. Click the image at right to see a burner full size, and to see more options and shapes. The approximate size is1½ inch by1½ inch by ½ inch deep. You can choose the shape that you will receive below. Round, Diamond, Square, Octagon, Heart, or Canoe. Most all burners are multi-colored. You can suggest a base color, but the color cannot be guaranteed. Own one of these beautiful and original works of art for $3 and we pay shipping. Two for $5. Three for $6.50 or for only $9 get any four burners Plus a free box of cones and a free box of 15g sticks. When buying more than one burner, there will be a box before the pay button where you can choose shapes.

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8 stick starter
15 grams
40 grams
100 grams
250 grams
500 grams
1 Kilogram
Nag Champa beauty soap
Wood burner w/ brass diamond inlay
Wood burner w/ brass star & sun inlay
Gift set #2
Gift set #3
Gift set #4

Burner below is shown approximately actual size of 1½ inch by1½ inch by ½ inch deep

Burners below are shown approximately one half of actual size

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