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10" J type burners (ash catchers) Hand made Tri-color wood
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These 10" "Egyptian tri color wood" hand made banana boat ash catchers (burners) are an incredible find. We have limited quantity, and once they are gone they are gone for good. Being hand made, no two are exactly alike. They are the exact size for your Nag Champa incense. The three sections of different colored wood are so expertly fused together that they become a smooth single unit that belies their construction. They can be seen better by clicking the image at right. The suggested retail is $6.99 each plus shipping. We are selling these burners to you below wholesale. Remember... shipping is included! Only $4.00 each, and that includes postage to anywhere in the USA! But the deals keep getting better! Buy two ash catchers for $7.00! Buy three ash catchers for $9.50 or buy four of these beautiful styles for only $11.50 and get a free 15 gram box of nag champa!
If you are buying more than one ash catcher, you can also combine this item with wood burners from other pages by simply typing in "Tri-color burner" in the final buy page box.
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4 burners $11.50

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Wood burner w/ brass diamond inlay
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