Concert Placard

Bob Dylan and his Band
promo placard for concerts at The Forum Oct. 20, 2006 and Long Beach Arena Oct. 21, 2006. This is a rare collectible that you are sure to enjoy for years to come. The same image is printed on both sides of the super thick paperboard. The image at right is show actual size of approximately 10.5mm x 13.5mm. What cannot be show is the crystal clear clarity of the original. As this is an original promo and not a repro, even the smallest type is razor sharp and crystal clear. The placard is printed in purple, black, and white. It includes a beautiful recent promotional photo of Dylan, an ad for Modern Times, full venue information, and lists the opening act... Kings Of Leon. Only $5 plus priority shipping. Buy several and save money and shipping charges. Buy before Dec. 25 and receive free gift.
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