a la carte volume I thru
a la carte volume one
a la carte volume two
Across the Borderline
Adelaide 1978
Adelphi (Bulldog release)
Albert Hall 1966
Alias EP
Alias LP
All Hallows Eve 1964
All Hallows Eve & More
All Roads Lead to Dylan
Alone &  Together (Pink Pony vs.)
And Now  Mouth Cries Whoops
Anything's Like a Woman
Are You Now?
At Home
At the Aisle of Wight
At Home 1&2
At the Warehouse
Ausser Kontrolle
Australian collection (10 LP box)
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Back in God's country
Back to the roots
Balance of tryst
Ballad of Hollis Brown
Bangla Desh LPs
Bangor Maine
Barbed wire blues
Basement Record EP
Basement tapes Volume one
Basement tapes volume two
Basics in G minor
BBC broadcast
Behind the lines of war
Behind the shades
Believe what you heard
Belle Isle
Best of Bob's bootlegs
Best of Rare Batch
Best of G W W
Beyond  shadow of  doubt ('77)
Beyond  shadow of  doubt ('80)
Blackbushe, By the time... 
Black nite crash
Blind boy Grunt (Halloween)
Blind boy Grunt
Blowin' in the wind
Bob Dylan (Superbudget)
Bob Dylan (20 LP Euro Box)
Bob Dylan Canta a Dylan
Bob Dylan CBM 614/5 (gwa 16)
Bob Dylan CBM 616/7 (gwa 17)
Bob Dylan (Euro picture disc)
Bob Dylan (Mixed up confusion)
Bob Dylan / The band
Bob Dylan and friends
Bob Dylan and his band
Bob Dylan In Concerto
Bob Dylan and  Joan Baez
Bob Dylan & The Band 1974
Bob Dylan and the band at the Royal Albert Hall
Bob Dylan and the Band Live
Bob Dylan and the Hawks
Bob Dylan Best of Rare Batch
Bob Dylan Featuring E Clapton 
Bob Dylan in concert
Bob Dylan joker box
Bob Dylan Live w/ Band, etc.
Bob  meets George and Johnny
Bob Dylan the R.T. revue
Bob Dylan Volume one
Bob Dylan volume two
Bob Dylan volume three
Bobby Dylan Folkartist
Bootleg Series Vol 4
Bridget's album ('88) 
Bridgett's album ('77)
Bridgett's album ('74)
Brothers of the flood
Buffalo skinners
Burn some more
Burn some more revisited
Burried treasure
By the time we got to Blackbushe
Byrd and the sparrow
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Call me any name you like
Can you please crawl  EP
Can you start again, please
Canta a Dylan
Carnaby (gwa 58A)
Cast off  lungs
Carriage of 1st degree
Ceremoies of the horseman
Ceremonies of the horsemen
Changin' (1-5)
Charlotte, NC
Check out '78
Chicago '63 
Chicago '63 and more
Church with no upstairs
Clean cuts
Concert for Bangla Desh
Concert for Sam and Larry
Cookies favourite
Could you start again, please
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Daddy rolling stone
Dark as a dungeon
Day the world rocked
Days of '49
Deadpan twist
Demo tapes
Denver Boot
Dollar snack
Don't look back
Don't look back (3 lp set)
Don't sing twice
Don't talk (plugz EP)
Don't go away now
Don't think twice
Don't think twice/Gothenburg
Down in the flood
Dreams for sale
Dress rehearsal
Drunken farmer boy
Drunken Minstrel (EP)
Drunken Minstrel (LP)
Dublin (Bulldog Adelphi)
Dylan (Hurricane 12")
Dylan (CBM) gwa 113
Dylan (20 LP Euro Box) 
Dylan (gwa 16)
Dylan (gwa 17)
Dylan '62
Dylan and the band 1974
Dylan and the band return
Dylan and Young (SNACK)
Dylan, Baez & the RT review
Dylan Cash session
Dylan Harrison sessions
Dylan meets Harrison & Cash
Dylan outtakes
Dylan with the Band 1966
Dylan w/the Band (Peter's Bridge)
Dylan's basement tape
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Earls court
Early 60's revisited
Early sessions
Empire burlesque outtakes
Eric Clapton (Featuring)
European box (20 LP set)
Everybody's wearing disguise
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