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Rare Batch Best of Bob Dylan
Rare batch  LWW Vol. 1
Rare batch  LWW Vol. 2
Rare batch  LWW Vol. 3
Rare batch  LWW (2 LP)
Rarities Volume 1
Rarities Volume 2
Rave on (Van Morrison)
Real cuts at last
Rebirth 86
Renaissance Minstrel
Return of GWW vol.1-3
Reunited++++Disunited No.1
Reunited++++Disunited No.2
Reunited++++Disunited No.3
Reunited++++Disunited No.4
Reverend Dylan
Robert and Sara
Rock and roll Hall of fame
Rocks and gravel
Rolling Thunder Record EP
Rolling thunder review
Royal Albert Hall
Run-down studios
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St. V. Day massacre and more
St. V. Day massacre (acoustic)
St. V. Day massacre (electric)
St. V. Day massacre box set
San Diego '86
San Franciscan nights
San Francisco Bay blues
San Francisco press conference
Saturday evening post
Secret dossiers
Seems like a freeze out
Selected excerpts from the noble
Self portrait / Sheffield
Seven days
Seventy dollar robbery
Shelter from the rain
Silver sax washedout horns
Sing a song for you
Sink or swim
Slice of Swingin' pig
Snow over the Interstate
Soldier sons
Solid rock
Some more confessions
Song and dance
Songs from Woody's pen
Spanish boots
Spanish leather
Sparrow and the Byrd
Special Edition (box set)
Standing room only
Stars of '66 Volume 1
Stars of '66 volume 2
Stars of '66 volume 3
Stem the tide
Stockholm '66
Stones to the core
Striptease box set
Studio sessions Volume 1 Dylan and the Dead
Studio sessions Volume 2 Dylan and the Dead
Subterranean Philadelphia blues
Sukiyaki vol. 1
Sukiyaki vol. 2
Sundown on the union
Sweetheart sessions
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20 LP untitled Euro Box
20 X 4
20 years have passed
Take a train
Tales of Yankee power
Talkin' EP
Talkin' Bear Mountain picnic
Talkin' New York (EP)
Talking too much
Tangled up in blood
Tapes from Sherry's attic
Taste of the special stash 
Ten of Swords
Temporary Like Bob Dylan
The Times
Thousand miles behind
Through the years
Toads, Live at (box set)
Toasted box
Together 75/76
Together alone
Together we're strong
Touch of Grey
Tough songs
Travellin' man
Trembling Wilburys
Troubled troubadour
True confessions tour
True confessions
Tunes from the simple years
Twenty years already passed
Two tracks
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