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great white

In July of 1980 the world of collecting Bob Dylan bootleg albums was
forever changed. 

That is the date that the first edition of Dominique Roques'  masterpiece "The great white answers" was released.  Dominique meticulously gathered together in one volume a decade worth of Dylan bootleg albums.  Every release, re-release, alternate, etc. that was known to exist was chronicled in this exhaustive book.  Every known release was put in chronological order of their release date; and given a unique reference number.  Serious collectors of Bob Dylan bootleg vinyl still use these numbers to refer to each particular album, and "The great white answers" has become the bible of this genre.  As the first edition was limited to 300 numbered  copies, the book itself is very rare and a collector's item in its own right. 

All albums on the Bob's boots site that were chronicled in "The great white answers" will be identified by the chronological number assigned to them by Dominique, and will be preceded by the letters 'gwa' to identify them as such.


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