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Songs From Woody's Pen

An EP by this name was chronicled by Dennis R Liff in Raging Glory.
It is purportedly a recording of the Indian Neck Folk festival    CT, May 6, 1961
Dylan did, in fact, perform at the event. The songs that are said to be from Dylan,
and that have circulated from that recording, are the Woody Guthrie tunes:
Talkin' Columbia,  Hangknot - Slipknot,  and   Talking Fish Blues
bobsboots.com has not been able to track down a copy of this EP

Coincidently, there was a 1979 Album by this title released by singer / songwriter
Sammy Walker on the Folkways Label. He sounds extraordinarily like early 1960's Dylan.
This collection of Woody Guthrie covers could easily mislead, but Walker is not known
to have recorded the songs in question. For those interested, Walker's release can now
be obtained on a custom made CD.  Info and sound samples available at the Folkways site:

Please contact bobsboots.com if you are able to verify this EP Dylan recording.
Thanks to John James for the Folkways link information.

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