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Believe What You Heard
source: Rolling Thunder tour

Side one: 
Water is wide 
Mama you been on my mind 
Dark as a dungeon 
I shall be released 
Tangled up in blue 

Side two: 
Hard rain 
Romance in Durango 
One more cup of coffee 
The Times 

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Front Cover
1976 ZAP US release.  Paper insert . 
Phony label.  Field recordings. 
Side one 11-21-75  Boston Music Hall 
Side two 11-4-75 Providence Rhode Island 

Original cover above. (gwa119A) 

Later re-issued with a new, green or tan insert cover shown at left.  (gwa119B) 
Insert photo is from the winter '75 Ken Regan photo shoot that yielded the Desire album cover photo. Spindizzie labels. Same masterplates. 

6 stars     NMP50 

Zap 7850 

The full Boston show was released as: 
Nothings like a woman

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