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Bob Dylan  Vol. 1
The little white wonder
source: 'Minnesota hotel tape et al
Side one: 

Grasshoppers on my pillow* 
Candy man 
Death of Emmett Till*** 
Only hobo** 

Side two: 
Baby please don't go 
Man of constant sorrow 
I ain't got no home 
Poor Lazarus 

 Minnesota tape material except: 
   * Gil Turner tapes  1963 
 ** 'Times' outtake 
*** Broadside show WBAI radio 3-10-63
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This is the great Italian quasi-legitimate series from 1975
On the BUHAY Label, this piece has every element you would expect out of a major Label release. 
A great cover (Front & back are the same concert shot from LA Feb. 14 '74), song listings (although they could have listed sources), good vinyl, and great full printed labels. This LP is a copy of the Joker release Rare batch Vol 1...Although they are not from the same master plates. This version has the songs arranged in a slightly different order, and is slightly inferior quality to the earlier Joker release. 

6-7 stars     NMP55 

Matrix: BHL 8001 

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