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Bob Dylan  Vol. 3
The little white wonder
source: 'Minnesota hotel tape' & Witmark
Side one: 

Sally gal* 
A long time coming 
Naomi wise* 
Watcha gonna do 
John Brown 

Side two: 
I shall be free 
I ain't gonna grieve 
VD woman* 
Long ago, far away 
See that my grave is kept clean* 

Witmark demo tapes except: 
* Minneapolis  Dec. '61 - 1963
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This is the great Italian quasi-legitimate series from 1975 
On the BUHAY Label. This piece has every element you would expect out of a major Label release. 
A great cover (Front & back are the same concert shot from LA Feb. 14 '74), song listings (although they could have listed sources), good vinyl, and great full printed labels. This LP is a suprise in the fact that the first two volumes of this series are copies of the first two volumes in the Joker series .This third LP does not copy the third LP from Joker, but songs from the two TMQ releases 
Blind Boy Grunt and The Demo Tapes! All songs are slightly inferior to the original LPs. 

5-7 stars     NMP55 

Matrix: BHL 8003 


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