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The Byrd and the Sparrow
source: Live 1984

Side one: 
Mr. Tambourine Man (6/07/84) 
The Times (5/29/84)
To Ramona (6/02/84)
Hard Rain (6/14/84)
With God On Our Side (7/08/84) 

Side two: 
Roger McGuinn:
Ballad of easy rider 
Wasn't born to follow 
My back pages 
You ain't goin' nowhere 
Knockin' on heaven's door 
So you want to be a rock and roll star 
Eight miles high 
Just a season 
Mr. spaceman 
Mr. tambourine Man
This is a rather lackluster title released in late 1984 from an unknown European manufacturer. To make things confusing, it was also released in a blue cover, with the title reversed to The Sparrow And The Byrd. There is a second, companion LP entitled Together/Alone. There was also a 1985 two LP reissue set that went by the same title, and contained both albums.
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 Front Cover
 'B' Index
European piece with deluxe red on white cover. 

500 copies were pressed on black vinyl with a blank white label. 50 copies were pressed on blue vinyl. 

The sources for side one are in order: 
Brussels, Verona, Basle, Vienna, and Dublin 
The source for side two is Bochum 8/1/84

6-7 stars       NMP40 black   NMP60 blue 

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