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Blind Boy Grunt  (TMQ)
source: Minnesota tape +

Side one: 
Hard Times in New York Town 
Baby Let Me Follow You Down 
Sally Gal 
Gospel Plow 
Ballad Of Donald White* 
Only a Hobo/Talkin' Devil** 
Wade in the Water 

Side two: 
It's Hard to be  Blind 
VD  Blues 
VD Waltz 
VD City 
VD Gunner's Blues 
Naomi Wise 
John Brown** 


Thanks to Sweden's Peter Hjelm  for the photos of this original Blind Boy Grunt album 







In 1973 TMOQ created a cartoon cover  with a die-cut center hole, and issued 18 or so of their titles as collector's items in this numbered volumes series.  The albums had a unique additional reference number that generally matched the 'Issue volume number' for that LP.
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In 1972, TMQ released this LP which had been copied from the BBG Records LP Kindest Cut
Original 'Pig' logo on label. 'POPO productions' 
Paper insert. Blue vinyl. No Ref. number on paper. 
The LP was simultaneously released with a peach colored jacket. The front was blank or included a rubber stamp title and sometimes an original TMQ pig sticker. The insert for this release, however, did not include the pig logo. The vinyl ranged from florescent pink to red, and carried a blank label. See full size images below.
There are other slight variations and combinations of features of these LPs that are referred to as gwa 51Aa, such as a black vinyl copy with blank white labels and a blank white cover that turned up in Sydney, Australia.
This LP was re-released in 1983 by TMQ-2 with an insert. See other versions of 51Aa below.
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12/22/61 Minnesota hotel tape Except for: 
* March '63 WBAI FM radio broadcast 
**1963 Broadside recordings. 

7 stars        NMP170

Matrix: BLIND BOY  G.   A / B
(the lower case ' g ' looks like a ' 9 ' )


This is the same LP as 51Aa, but with an alternate, hand-written look stamped cover. 
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The same LP again. This jacket is thought to have been used on LPs that were exported to England. It also contained an insert that told about other boots. A similar cover was used in the '71 Dutch release
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1978 saw the release of this apparent copy (but same quality) of the TMQ piece by BBG Records. It had a black and brown insert & black vinyl.
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6 stars    NMP??? 

Matrix: BBG A/2 or 1/2 (evidently there were two different pressings of this version to yield two different matrix designations) 
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This LP was repackaged with various combinations of blank white, 1 & 2, Dittolino Discs, and full printed labels.
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It was also issued with a red & white "Hobo" insert cover that is referred to as gwa51C
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Another version that is designated as gwa51D is a Dutch piece on the HOBO Label. Released in '71 or '72 with a cartoon cover... and also with a 
deluxe black and white Cover

Matrix: 1001 

There are several different releases of this piece that encompass various combinations of the above LPs. There was also a pairing of BBG 1/2 with Talkin' Bear Mt. in a double LP set. 
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Thanks to Paul Prince for photos

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