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Bangla Desh Albums
(Bangla Desh      gwa 58B)
source: Benefit Show 1971 MSG

Side one: 
My sweet Lord
Beware of darkness
While my guitar gently weeps
Here comes the sun
Bangla Desh

Side two: 
Hard rain
It takes a lot to laugh
Blowin' in the wind
Mr. tambourine man
Just like a woman
Bangla Desh Historic Info #2:
Although there were two shows performed on August 1st, 1971 at Madison Square, it seems that the evening show is  the only show that was released on vinyl.
 Other Bangla Desh versions:
Bangla Desh (gwa 59B)
Concert for Bangla Desh (gwa 59A)
Greatest Show on Earth (Not in gwa )
Madison Square Garden (gwa 58A)
Madison Square Garden (gwa 59C)
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 Contraband Music (CBM) re-released their original LP in 1976,... this time on the 'Instant Analysis Label. 
The simple, generic cover and label of five years earlier got even simpler and genericy-er for this release. The jacket was plain white or yellow or had a generic cartoon on the back... "classics of jazz radio"... J Fish). The insert simply listed the same information as it's predecessor, with no drawing.  Black vinyl.  I.A. cartoon logo label.

4-5 stars          NMP50

gwa 58B
Matrix  SAD 1/2 

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