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Bangla Desh Albums
(MSG  gwa 59C)
source: Benefit Show 1971 MSG

Side one: 
My sweet Lord
It ain't easy
Beware of darkness
While my guitar gently weeps
Jumpin Jack Flash medley

Side two: 
(That's) The way God planned it
Mr. tambourine man
Just like a woman
Bangla Desh

Bangla Desh Historic Info #5:
As the official Apple Label release of this LP was issued on December 20, 1971, all boot copies were made obsolete. They are mainly only of interest to completeists.
 Other Bangla Desh versions:
Bangla Desh (gwa 58B)
Bangla Desh (gwa 59B)
Concert for Bangla Desh (gwa 59A)
Greatest Show on Earth (Not in gwa )
Madison Square Garden (gwa 58A)
Official Apple version info
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 BANGLA Records released this LP in late 1971 around the same time as the official release. It is the exact same LP that was released by FRT records a few weeks earlier. It has a white cover stamped with the artists and venue name, or a slightly smaller copy of the original Madison Square Garden  insert printed on yellow or green paper. The labels are blank yellow stamped with 'side A/B', or are yellow full printed Bangla Labels

5-6 stars          NMP50

gwa 59C
Matrix  BRK 1001 A1/B1 

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