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Earl's Court
source: 6-20-78

Side one: 
Ballad of a thin Man 
Maggie's farm 
I don't believe you 
Like a rolling stone 
Blowin' in the wind 
Side two: 
Masters of war 
Just like a woman 
Don't think twice, it's all right 
It's alright Ma (only bleeding) 

US Version:
Right after the original LP came out in Europe,  a nearly identical LP was released in the USA. The only ways to tell the difference is that the American piece has two white labels. The European piece has one black and one white label. The USA issue was in a slightly thicker cover; and it was mastered from a different plate that shows up in the matrix. The British version has a dash on either side of the '2'. The USA version has no dashes. 
There was also a color vinyl version of this LP released 

8 stars       NMP55  CV65 

Matrix: UK-2-A/B
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Front Cover
Back Cover
Great quality field recording on this 1978 British release.  Simple but nice cover.  Blank labels (One side white, one black).  No further information on  jacket.A second press the same year has a full printed label that says "King Earl Robert's Masterpiece" Another label to appear is blue with a large, silver 1 & 2.

gwa149     Matrix: UK-2-A/B 

German Version:
In 1984 This piece was released in Germany from MIG. There were 100 pieces issued in a 'rainbow color' printed cover. LPs were # stamped. One side of the blank label was stamped with the matching number. 

8 stars       NMP65 

Matrix: 100 MIG 001 A/B
Historical Background by CD Pinkerton
Dylan is very talkative throughout the entire night of this final performance of the Earl's Court residency. He introduces a third of the songs, and thanks the audience for their applause each time. He makes reference to a Randy Newman song that was popular at the time called Short People. Because the song was misinterpreted by some intellectually challenged persons as actually being a hate song perpetuated against the vertically challenged, there were radio stations banning its airplay. There was at least one state in the USA that introduced a bill that would have made it illegal to play in the entire state. Dylan pokes fun at the political nonsense after Ballad of a Thinman by saying that he wrote it 15 years before "Ballad of Short People",.. but, He continues, "this is the song that got me in lots a trouble" to introduce Maggie's Farm. This LP is but a few highlights of the twenty-eight songs performed.

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