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Exclusive(Saturday Evening Post)
source: Gerdes, the Bear, and studio outtakes
Side one: 

Milk cow blues #1 
Honey just allow me one more chance 
New York town 
Corrina Corrina 
Deep Allen blues 
Blowin' in the wind 
Milk cow blues #2 

Side two: 
Honey just allow me one more chance 
Talkin' John birch Society blues 
Bob Dylan's dream 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
Talkin' World War III blues 
Hard rain 

Side three: 
That's all right Mama 
Mixed up confusion 
Sally gal 
Kingsport blues 
Whatcha gonna do 
Wichita blues 
Lonesome whistle blues 

Side four: 
Song to Woody 
Mama you been on my mind 
Just like Tom thumb's blues 
Da do run run 
One too many mornings
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This incredible 1988 package from the Toasted label is about as good as it gets! 

Starting with a beautiful gatefold cover ... the front is a copy of the 11/2/68  issue of the Saturday Evening Post.  The back cover is another great shot of Bob from the same photo session. 

The back lists song lineups.  Full printed labels.  Inside gatefold has three great early photos.  The thing that would have really put this L.P. in a class of its own would've been complete biographical 
and historical information of the songs. 

7-9 stars       NMP55


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