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aka: Friends of Chile
aka: Forest Hills 1965
"Friends For Chile" & "Hoot Hall"

Side one: 
North Country Blues 
Spanish is the loving tongue 
Blowin' in the wind

Side two: 
Sally gal 
Highway 51 
Talkin' John Birch blues 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
I don't believe you *

Thanks to  Ivor  for cover photo
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This 1974 USA album on the CBM Label  has a 10 x10 pasted red on white insert with the "Daddy Rolling Stone" drawing, and a CBM pirate logo along with song titles. The back is a generic CBM cartoon. The labels are yellow CBM pirate logos.
The LP boasts some rare material, but it is not in the very best quality. 
Side one is from the Chilean benefit, "Friends For Chile" from May 9th 1974 with Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Atrocious best sums up the performance.
Side two is rare material from the 'Hoot Hall' at Carnegie on September 22 1962. The worst part is that this show boasts the earliest known version of 'Hard Rain'. While it's listed on the cover, it doesn't appear on the album. 
* The one odd song on the LP is an electric version of
"I don't believe you" from the Forest Hills Tennis stadium concert of August 27, 1965.  The quality, however is barely listenable.

 2-4 stars       NMP45 

 gwa 113
Matrix:   BD X3 / X4


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