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Forty Red White and Blue Shoestrings
source: studio outtakes/and various

Side one: 
I Wanna be your Lover 
Number One (instrumental
Visions of Johanna 
She's your Lover  Now

Side two: 
One Too Many Mornings (1)
Let Me Die in My Footsteps 
Rocks and Gravel 
I'm Ready *
Just like Tom thumb's blues (2)
Side one: Outtakes with The Band 1965
Side two: Original Freewheelin' LP deletions Except: 
(1Johnny Cash TV documentary 1969
(2 Liverpool, England, 5/14/66. (Single release)
* Interestingly enough, "I'm ready" is not Bob, but is actually blues singer John Hammond.
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Front insert
Back insert
2000 copies were pressed of this rare 1972 European bootleg. Even though it has all the earmarks of a USA piece, (Down to the insert that reads "Oakland, Calif.") It was manufactured in England by Roach Records. The black and white wrap-around insert has a Daniel Kramer photo of Dylan on the front. The back has the title, songs, and roach logo.  The label is blank yellow.
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6 stars      NMP100

gwa 62
Matrix: KG-40 - A/B (Stamped)

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