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Forty-five Miles 
From Nowhere
source: Various 
Side one: 

Milk cow blues I 
Honey, just allow me one more chance I
Talkin' New York/ Folklore Center 
Corrina Corrina 
Deep Elem blues 
Blowing in the wind 
Milk cow blues II 
Side two: 
Honey, just allow me one more chance II 
Talkin' John birch Society blues 
Bob Dylan's dream I
The ballad of Hollis Brown 
Talkin' world War III blues 
Hard rain
Side three: 
Ramblin' down through the world 
Bob Dylan's dream II
Tomorrow is a long time 
New Orleans rag 
Walls of Red Wing 
Hero blues 
Who killed Davy Moore?
Side four: 
Visions of Johanna 
Fourth time around 
Just like a woman 
Desolation row

Side one is from Gerde's Folk City. 
Side two is from the Bear in Chicago. 
Side three and four was also released as a single by Winklhoffer Records entitled 
'While the Establishment Burns' which subsequently became available  on 
TMOQ  71006 and 73005 and as companion with Isle of Wight 7507 

This piece was also issued by paranoid productions as 'Black nite crash
Side three is from Philadelphia town hall 4/63
Side four is from Dublin Ireland 5/6/66
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Front Cover
Back Cover
From the Toasted Label's Australian collection.
The original RSR Label album to appear in this cover was called Highway 80 Revisited. The cover was not too bad, and had been printed in large quantity. The powers that be decided that the way to save a dollar would be to use the cover over and over ... A white sticker touting '45 MILES FROM NOWHERE' covers the original title. On the back cover, another large white sticker lists the songs and covers the original ones. 
There is no information as to what the songs are, where they are from, or anything else for that matter.

The Label  name on the spine says International records. The record labels say oz.  Put it altogether and what do we get? Why ... it's the T M Q guys! 

They really could have done a little better with this 
project.  One vinyl is a very nice looking clear marbelized blue.  the other is jet black.  Great quality sound, though! 

8 stars      NMP50

Matrix: side one Zimba-1 S 2529 
Matrix: side two Zimba-2 S 2530 
Matrix: side three & four 1950

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