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Tangled Up In Blood
source: Original "Blood OTT" LP
Side one: 

Idiot wind 
Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of hearts 
If you see her, say hello 
You're a big girl now
Side two: 
Tangled up in blue 
Answering machine message (fake)
There is no historical information listed on the cover to identify the material. It's from an acetate of the original Sept. 17, 1974 session at New York's A&R studios, except *Desire session outtake July 30, 1975 CBS studios New York.
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1st Label
2nd Label
This is a great 1988 title from a conglomerate of interrelated USA Labels that I collectively refer to as "East Coast" (This refers to the location of distributors, rather than an actual true Label name). The front cover is a classy take off of the BOTT LP cover. The back lists tracks alongside a small insert photo of Dylan in the studio. The remainder of the back cover is unrelated whims of the manufacturer. The cover says "Chance Records". The label is a knock-off of the post WWII Chicago based R&B Label. However, this conglomerate usually changed Label/label names every time they issued a piece. This is an un-characteristically nice looking package for these guys. There was a second pressing from the same master plates that changed labels to "Good Time Records", as well as changing the matrix. The covers are identical.

 9 stars     NMP35

Matrix: BobBlood A/B  L31545 (side B adds 'x') There is also a small vanity icon... The letter 'R' inside the letter ' G '

2nd Pressing Matrix:  B14- 1/2 (All other matrices are obliterated except for the vanity icon.

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