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Great summer event in Paris
source: 5/5/78 

Side one: 
You're a big girl now 
One more cup of coffee 
Blowin' in the wind 
I want you 

Side two: 
Just like a woman 
To Ramona 
Is your love in vain 
Forever young 
The Times
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A 1978 release from the US Label Rosephil Records .  Deluxe pink and white cover with photos from 77 & 78.  Blank yellow labels. One would assume, judging from the title, that this might be a French concert?? 
One would assume wrong.  The venue is not listed anywhere on the piece. It is the second half of L.A. 6/5/78. The first half was released as 'Paris...All roads' Che sara, sara 
Some things are just not meant to be understood. 

6 stars     NMP45 

gwa 145
Matrix:  RAM 17624 A/B

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