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Great White Wonder       1B 
(TMOQ) source: Various 

Side one: 
Baby please don't go 
Interview by Pete Seeger 
Dink's song 
See that my grave is kept clean 
East Orange New Jersey 
Man of constant sorrow 

 Side two:
Candy Man 
Ramblin' 'round 
Black cross 
Ain't got no home 
Death of Emmett Till 
Poor Lazarus 

Side three: 
New Orleans rag 
If you gotta go, go now 
Only a hobo 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 
Mighty Quinn (take 1) 
This wheel's on fire 

Side four: 
I shall be released 
Open the door, Homer (take 1) 
Too much of nothing (take 2) 
Nothing was delivered (take 1) 
Tears of rage (take 2) 
Living the blues 

Sides 1 & 2: All 'Minnesota Hotel tape' material (Minneapolis, Dec. '61) except: 
Interview from Broadside show 3-62 
Side 4: All Basement tape material except: 
'Living' - Johnny Cash Show May 1 1969 
Side 3: The six songs here, in order, are from: 
'Another Side' outtake June '64 
'65 outtake released as single 
'Times' outtake '63 
'Highway 61' outtake '65 
Basement tape '67 
Basement tape '67 

Read the 1969 'Rolling Stone' article about the release of this first bootleg album

Rocolian© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
In the early 70's the TMOQ Great White wonder was copied by a label called 'Rocolian'.  They used various combinations of the TMOQ matrix number not only as their matrix, but by logical extension, their reference or catalog number.  The relationship between POPO, TMOQ, CBM, and Rocolian is not quite clear; but, at least in the beginning, there were ties of some  type. 
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Just as with the other labels, Rocolian released several variations of this album. 
The cover was a blank white or eggshell gatefold.  Some issues were stamped in the TMOQ style, some in small print in the upper right corner.  Some have a small 'flower girl' stamp.  Some labels were blank, but most were the standard Rocolian label.  (this label has fake song titles with the heading "Dupre and his miracle sound"). It has long been rumored that disc two was released as a single called 'Approximately'. It has now been established that there was, in fact, such a release. Only a handful of these rarities were created.
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Information: © 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
In 1970 some friends got together and decided to create what would become the most famous bootleg record label of all time.  ... Trademark of Quality.  ... also known as TMQ, TMOQ, TMOQ-1, and later as TMOQ-2. Their first release was this now famous " rubber-stamp" cover 'GWW'. The stamp was done by hand, and was therefore inconsistent. Some copies have letters that are complete; while others are barely visible. The stamps were generally in the upper right corner, but at times drift down to the center. Some are straight, while others are on an angle. View a mega-rare autographed copy of this LP here. Some LPs also included an insert inside the jacket. The insert had four photos, the newly conceived pig logo , and a reference #D 101 (most probably 'D'  for Dylan and 101 from the matrix number of the European issue).  This LP was a very good press and the quality was nearly as good as the original.  The LP sides were in a different order from the original as shown at left.  This LP is identified, as per Roques, as  gwa 1Ba. © 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
Originally, side 3 had no matrix number.  Subsequent pressings corrected this error. © 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.comLike many of the original bootlegs, there were several issues of this album.  Presses and represses.  Each had slight variations; and combinations of disks, jackets, and inserts from various pressings would be combined both  by the manufacturer and by the retailer to create an endless number of variations.  It would be most difficult, if not impossible, to actually retrace the exact release in the exact order it occurred. 
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It is known that there were several colors of jackets including white, green, yellow, peach, and purple. 
There were several colors and combinations of colors of vinyl including black and the following clear colors: blue, green, red, yellow, and possibly others. 
Variations of labels include blank white, blank light colored, original pig, etc. 
There were also a few different colors of inserts, and slight variations in the information.  One such variation is the 'POPO production' insert. POPO was closely associated with, if not intertwined with the newly formed 
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In 1973 TMQ issued some of their titles in a generic cartoon cover. While not known to be issued with the cover, the series labels are to be found on a 1973 edition of this LP. Therefore, it is considered to be the first issue. 
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In the mid 70's a new style insert was used with a "live in concert 1974" photo (gwa 1Bb). To compound the confusion, it was at this time that a personnel change occurred at TMQ.  The new group, commonly referred to as TMOQ-2, not only created new packages, but also repackaged various combinations of the material from the original company. 
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5 stars        Original CV NMP175
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gwa 1B
Matrix: 22  64 2/3/4/5
Autographed copy
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